Ekove Efrits announces HDR signing!

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, February 19, 2011 Under: Press Releases

The new album of Ekove Efrits "Conceptual Horizon" will be published officially on "Summer 2011" through "HYPNOTIC DIRGE RECORDS" !Hypnotic Dirge Records is a Canadian serious label which has released some of the best emotional albums from couple of nice bands along its activity , albums that I always seek for them . to be honest I'm so glad to get into this label finally and I think it has completely worth to wait till summer . also for more details and information you can visit the pages of Ekove Efrits over their website and of course you can listen to some of the full tracks from the new album over there too , here are the links : 

Ekove Efrits (Page)

Ekove Efrits (Blog)

Anyway please don't forget to check out their website and be sure you will find there really good bands as I found "Netra" recently , a french solo band with nice atmosphere between extreme metal and trip-hop music .


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