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PRE-ORDER: Atten Ash - The Hourglass

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, January 9, 2015 Under: Atten Ash
"Atten Ash - The Hourglass" release date revealed; Accepting pre-orders now!
The song "Born" from the album is now available for streaming/download!
January 8, 2015

Hypnotic Dirge Records is pleased to announce the official release date of the forthcoming 'Atten Ash - The Hourglass' album - an album which has been awaiting release for a long time, as well as the label's first full-length release in a calender year! “The Hourglass” will be released on February 19, 2015 in a 4 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet and the first 100 orders of the CD will come with a free 11cm x 7cm Atten Ash sticker! 

Accepting pre-orders now!
Until February 19, the album will be available for $8.00 (+shipping) instead of $10.00  (+shipping)!
Pre-orders will ship approximately 10 days before the official release date!
Pre-order 'The Hourglass' here

"A three-piece atmospheric/melodic death-doom band from North Carolina, Atten Ash is the creation of founding member James Greene who wrote the foundations of the songs which would later become “The Hourglass.” In 2011 James began collaborating with Barre Gambling (founding guitarist of Daylight Dies) and Archie Hunt (vocalist/guitarist of Legion of the Fallen) and the trio continued the musical work: arranging songs, establishing vocal patterns, writing lyrics and guitar solos. 

Recorded in 2012, an intricate and encapsulating death-doom portrait permeates Atten Ash’s first full-length recording. Rich in atmosphere, swaying through infectious melodies and razorsharp solos while displaying both melancholy and aggression with conviction and force, “The Hourglass” is the result of a band with considerable maturity and experience, already at the top of their craft, and with a defined vision for their sound placing them among the classic death-doom giants of the genre.

Those pining for genuine melodic/atmospheric death-doom for the dark and cold days ahead, and especially fans and listeners of bands such as Daylight Dies, Slumber, Katatonia, Woccon, Doom:vs, October Tide, and Helevorn (among others) would be wise to heed attention."

The tracklist for 'The Hourglass' is:
1 - City in the Sea
2 - See You...Never
3 - Not as Others Were
4 - Song for the Dead
5 - Born
6 - First Day
7 - Waves of Siloam
8 - The Hourglass

Pre-order album
Stream / Download the track "Born"
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