A three-piece atmospheric/melodic death-doom band from North Carolina, Atten Ash is the creation of founding member James Greene who wrote the foundations of the songs which would later become “The Hourglass.” He sought to create something heavier and more colorful with attention to nuance and emotion. Being a multi-instrumentalist, James was able to record the foundations of the songs, giving a clear picture of the powerful nature of the music. James began writing material for Atten Ash in 2010 while playing drums in North Carolina black metal band 'Legion of the Fallen' and in 2011 James began collaborating with Barre Gambling (founding guitarist of Daylight Dies) and Archie Hunt (vocalist/guitarist of Legion of the Fallen) and the trio continued the musical work: arranging songs, establishing vocal patterns, writing lyrics and guitar solos. 

 "The Hourglass" was completed in 2012 and released digitally by the band, but the album remained in obscurity. In 2014 the band was approached by Hypnotic Dirge Records who agreed to release "The Hourglass" in physical format for the first time ever. This long-awaited album will be released on February 19, 2015 in a glorious digipack format with a 12 page booklet. A special limited split 7" vinyl with Australian doomsters Lycanthia was also released on January 22, 2015 in addition to the full-length serving as a precursor and introductory to Atten Ash being their first ever physical release.

Rich in atmosphere, swaying through infectious melodies and razorsharp solos while displaying both melancholy and aggression with conviction and force, “The Hourglass” is the result of a band with considerable maturity and experience, already at the top of their craft, and with a defined vision for their sound placing them among the classic death-doom giants of the genre.

Those pining for genuine melodic/atmospheric death-doom for the dark and cold days ahead, and especially fans and listeners of bands such as Daylight Dies, Slumber, Katatonia, Woccon, Doom:vs, October Tide, and Helevorn (among others) would be wise to heed attention.





Release: January 22, 2015



Release: February 19, 2015


"I gotta tell you, Atten Ash know what they are doing and their doom-death is especially recommended to fans of classic Katatonia, October Tide, Slumber and Doom:vs. Maturity and experience is present on the song – and the rest of the album for that matter – and it will fill you with that (weirdly) comforting feeling of melancholy thanks to the guitars’ melodies and razorsharp solos but also the perfect mix of clean and growling vocals."
-Metal Recusants

"‘The Hourglass’ is a consistently surprising and pleasing album that maintains a high level of quality throughout. Atmospheric and captivating, it is delivered with effortless elegance, whether it’s mid-tempo, string-snapping, snare-pounding catharsis or slow, catastrophic elegy."
-Doom Metal Heaven

" It’s a captivating offering of melodic death/doom, mixing gravelly riffs and cavernous growls with shimmering guitar melody and arcing clean vocals. The music both lumbers like a dirge and charges on the back of jagged chords and rumbling drums. It’s a fitting song for the grey chill of winter, but I have a feeling it will sound just as sweet in springtime." [On the track "Born"]
-No Clean Singing 

"To put it plainly, The Hourglass is a gorgeous blend of solid metal fundamentals, attention-grabbing melodies, and a wide dynamic range featured in all elements of the music. It plays through seamlessly like a single, continuous composition. And although there is a lot of similarity in the concepts presented, there is no lack of variety in the tones, textures, tempo and color." 

"With this regal edict of icy inevitability, Atten Ash has firmly secured its rightful place alongside October Tide, Doom:vs, and other demigods in the upper reaches of the unholy death doom pantheon. The Hourglass marks the advent of an especially fearsome vessel of ominous ruination. Take great heed." 


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