Hypnotic Dirge Records Webstore

Hypnotic Dirge Records' Webshop offers a fine selection of new and unplayed (and sometimes rare/limited) underground extreme, eclectic, and experimental metal albums, available at some of the cheapest prices online with fast and reliable airmail shipping worldwide.

You will find all of our official label releases here, as well as Solitude Productions' catalog and an extensive distro.

Exactly 1000 albums (our shop limit, unfortunately) from bands and labels around the globe are included in this shop with new additions every month. The bulk of the albums available through Hypnotic Dirge are related to Black Metal or Doom Metal and its various hybridizations in one way or another but there is a little bit of everything here, just a little bit less.

New additions to the shop are made at the start of each month and featured in the "Latest Additions" section for the month's duration.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars meaning this shop can be quite a bargain for Europeans and Americans.
Pricing, Shipping Rates, Payment Options, and other Miscellaneous information below.


In almost all cases, our prices are:

Full-length albums: $10.00
Double-albums: $15.00
EP's: $7.00
Shirts: $12.00-$16.00
Magazines: $8.00

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
This means that this shop could be quite a bargain for
Europeans and Americans especially.


Payment methods available are Paypal, Credit Card or eCheck.

Payments are accepted from anywhere in the world. 
If you think you are in an obscure shipping location, you can email first and ask but there hasn't been a location where I haven't been able to send so far.


Hypnotic Dirge Records, and Solitude Productions (and its side labels) releases are also available as digital albums on Bandcamp.
All Hypnotic Dirge albums are available for

Please show your support by ordering the physical CD or sending a donation on Bandcamp if you enjoy the album.
Hypnotic Dirge Bandcamp  |  Solitude Prod Bandcamp  |  
BadMoodMan Bandcamp  |  Slow Burn Bandcamp


You can also create an account on this webshop (although not at all required) and add albums to a personalized "favourites" category to keep track of albums you might want in the future! You can use it as a "wishlist" for this shop.

When you check out, the form asks for your phone number. You can leave this blank. There is no need to fill this out.



The price of items in this webstore is BEFORE shipping. 
Shipping will be calculated upon checkout depending on your location and the amount of items you are ordering.
Once you enter your address, the store will recognize what region you are in and add shipping accordingly.

CanadaPost has notoriously high shipping rates. This is unfortunate, but totally out of our control. 
As a result, we recommend buying 2, 5, or 10 CD's in particular to pay the least amount of shipping per CD, and to avoid buying only 1 CD at a time especially if you are from outside North America to save on shipping.

1 CD - Canada - $2.50
1 CD - USA - $5.50
1 CD - Rest of World - $8.00

2 CD's - Canada - $4.00
2 CD's - USA - $8.00
2 CD's - Rest of World - $11.00

3 - 5 CD's - Canada - $11.00
3 - 5 CD's - USA - $14.00
3 - 5 CD's - Rest of World - $20.00

6 - 10 CD's - Canada - $15.00
6 - 10 CD's - USA - $18.00
6 - 10 CD's - Rest of World - $38.00

11 CD's +, - Canada - $18.00
11 CD's +, - USA - $26.00
11 CD's +, - Rest of World - $55.00

All international orders are mailed by Airmail.
Orders within Canada are mailed by regular mail (expedited for parcels of 4 CD's or more.)

It is also possible in some cases to save on shipping by shipping without cases. 
If this is an option you're interested in, we will need to do an order manually (this shop is only set up to configure shipping with cases included)

In some cases, the shipping rate can drop from $20 to $10 and in other cases, it won't make a difference. It depends on where you live and the amount you're ordering. If you think it will make a decent enough difference in your shipping cost and you don;t mind receiving the albums without cases, send us an email and we can set that up.

In 95% of cases, orders arrive within 1-4 weeks.
If there is an issue with your order, send an email. [


Over 600 of the albums available in the webshop are in the "Distribution Releases" category and are releases from labels and bands around the world. Most of the distributed releases are only available in quite limited quantities and sometimes do sell out. However, we aim to keep titles available and do get restocks of sold out items.

Unless we have tons of stock, the exact quantity of a particular release is also listed directly on the item so you know when we are almost sold out!

Categories are set up by genre in the "Distributed Releases" section though not on the Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude Productions sections.
When you go to "Doom Metal" in the distro section for example, it will not include the Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude albums which are Doom Metal. In the distro section, some releases are included in more than one genre category because it can easily fit into more than one genre. Of course, this "system" is not perfect but it is organized pretty well.  

Albums in the "Clearout Sale" category are not doubled up in its genre category. This is to prevent pricing problems because if you order an album which is supposed to be on sale for 50% off in the "Black Metal" category for example, the discount would not apply. This is because the transaction needs to occur in the "Clearout Sale" category for the discount to work. 

If you are searching for digital music:
Hypnotic Dirge Records releases are available on bandcamp for streaming and download for free / by-donation. 
You can also download our full digital discography (60+ albums) for $25.00 CDN.
Our philosophy is rooted in the principle of open-source media and unlimited access!
We depend on the community for support to fund future releases and believe in the efficacy of this model!