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ALBUM RELEASE: Black Tremor / Sea Witch

March 25, 2017
Today, together with Sunmask Records we are releasing the long-awaited split album between Black Tremor and Sea Witch. This release was initially planned for last fall through Sunmask. A couple months ago, they approached me and asked if HDR would want to be involved and indeed it was a pleasure to take part in this release!! Black Tremor and Sea Witch have both been bands in the radar for potential releases for a while, so agreeing to co-release this split was an easy decision to make!

As has been mentioned before, the album is released in a limited edition of 300 copies - 150 copies through Hypnotic Dirge - and is presented in a jewel case with reversible covers, so that each band has its own distinct cover with the appropriate imagery! We worked hard on the artwork to make the imagery fit the music and I think it turned out quite nice.

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One piece of unfortunate news: In the chaos of trying to get a lot of albums and merch items released early this year, the production on this album got slightly delayed so we don't have the CD's here yet. They are expected to ship here late next week so all CD orders will be shipped in the first week of April, actually at a similar time as all of the NONE pre-orders!

Black Tremor are a three piece stoner folk doom band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Bass, drum and violin roil across the flatlands in advance of the coming storm... Melancholic violin swirls above the grit of fuzzed out slide bass and the beating drums; glimpses of Dirty Three, Earth and Godspeed You Black Emperor shimmer in the heat lines on the grasslands horizon. Their debut release 'Impending' was self-released by the band last year to glowing reviews and the band has just completed their first Canadian tour this summer.

Black Tremor Facebook

And on the other end of the country, the port of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has spawned the dual leviathan of JL and SJ that is Sea Witch. Dark things pound and echo in the depths, the guitar howls on the shoals and the cymbals break against the rocky shore... Oppressive and atmospheric funeral doom with a nautical bent. The band has released three highly praised independent cassettes (including one on Sunmask) in the past year and are currently recording their next full length.

Sea Witch Facebook

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PRE-ORDERS : Debut album from Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal band “NONE” available to pre-order

March 16, 2017
We are now taking pre-orders for NONE’s upcoming self-titled debut album due for release on April 11. NONE is a band that seemingly emerged out of nowhere, (as many do nowadays) lurking in obscurity somewhere in the pacific northwest and having managed to create a really visceral and chilling style of atmospheric and depressive black metal.  

Along with the album, there is also a limited NONE shirt, available in sizes Medium through XX-Large. 
Pre-orders will ship out in the first few days of...

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ALBUM RELEASE: netra - Ingrats

March 13, 2017
The experimental and internationalist one-man project netra returns with the first new album since 2013 with perhaps his most focused work yet. The third full-length album“Ingrats” (french for “ungrateful ones”) is filled with raw and honest music that speaks to a common despair, internal psychosis, and the monotony of modern life. Mixing abrasive and claustrophobic depressive Black Metal, darkwave, trip-hop, and melancholic alternative rock, netra’s music has never been restricted ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE : netra - Ingrats

March 13, 2017
News from March 6, 2017

The new netra album "Ingrats" is premiering on Metal Trenches along with a review.

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Webshop Update - March 2017

March 2, 2017
Webshop Update - March 2017
Latest Additions
-All albums added this month are in this section.
HDR - D - 949 : Lux Divina - Possessed by Telluric Feelings HDR - D - 950 : Lux Divina - Walk Within the Riddle HDR - D - 951 : Vike Tare - Feed the Flames HDR - D - 952 : Bifrost - Mana Ewah HDR - D - 953 : Aethernaeum - Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald HDR - D - 954 : Aethernaeum - Naturmystik

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RELEASE NEWS: Sunmask and Hypnotic Dirge team up to release Black Tremor / Sea Witch split release

March 2, 2017

Sunmask and Hypnotic Dirge present a split release from two of the best heavy instrumental bands out of Canada: The progressive folk doom of the prairies - Black Tremor, and the atmospheric nautical doom of the maritimes - Sea Witch.

Black Tremor are a three piece stoner folk doom band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Bass, drum and violin roil across the flatlands in advance of the coming storm... Melancholic violin swirls above the grit of fuzzed out slide bass and the beating drums; glimpses...

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PRE-ORDERS: netra - Ingrats Packs available now!

February 22, 2017

PRE-ORDERS : netra - “Ingrats” packages available now!
February 21, 2017

The new album from netra, entitled “Ingrats” is due to be released on March 9.
We are now offering some limited pre-order packs for “Ingrats” including some new netra shirts and stickers. A run of 50 shirts were printed so stock is limited. [Links below]

Ingrats pack - $C25 + shipping

netra - Ingrats CD

netra - Urban Black Metal Shirt

netra Sticker (11cm x 7cm - all-weather vinyl)

Ultimate netra listener pack - ...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Obitus - Slaves of the Vast Machine

February 16, 2017

So, today's the day, the release of our first album of 2017. The first of many to come in this very busy time! Over the coming weeks, there will be a lot more revealed about our upcoming releases, but for today, the focus is on absolute hopelessness and dystopia.

"In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay."

Obitus packages available:

Shirt M-XXL) + CD Combo - $C23 
Shirt (M - XXL) - $C16
CD - $C10
Digital - Name Your Price

"A visio...

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RELEASE NEWS / SONG PREMIERE: NONE - selftitled [Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal]

February 14, 2017
Atmospheric / DSBM band "NONE" to release debut self-titled album on Hypnotic Dirge on April 11, 2017

Chilling and despondent music from the Pacific Northwest is what you’ll hear on NONE’s impressive debut album. The piercing guitar tone interwoven with haunting and depressing synth pads and piano melodies result in a sound that is constantly plodding forward, marching in despair towards an empty void. The solid blasting on this album provides a constant pulse and momentum while desperate ...

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Webshop Update : February 2017

February 2, 2017
WEBSHOP UPDATE for February 2017: 

The February 2017 webshop update is here! Lots of great new stuff this month, 28 albums of various Black, Death, and Doom gems.

Limited stock as usual, so order quick of you want to secure a copy. Hell's Headbangers titles are especially low quantity - only 2 or 3 of some titles!!

Latest Additions
-All titles listed below are in this section.

HDR - D - 921 : Fortíð - Demo Sessions
HDR - D - 922 : Wormreich / Diabolus Amator / Gravespawn / Vesterian - Infirmos Vo...

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