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 Orphans of Dusk signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records / Solitude Productions!
March 20, 2015

Orphans of Dusk has come to an agreement with Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions to release their debut EP ‘Revenant’ cooperatively in early May! The album will be released in a jewel case CD, alongside a free 11cm x 7cm logo sticker!

Orphans of Dusk is a gothic death/doom band being projected into the stars from the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand/Australia. One of the few bands from this region attempting to break boundaries in depressive doom it aims to keep pushing the genre from where bands such as Shape of Despair and Type O Negative left such devastating marks.

Some HDR followers might recall Orphans of Dusk’s name due to their track “Nibelheim” being included in the Hypnotic Dirge Records Doom Metal free digital compilation album "Subarctic Nocturnes" Doomed to Be" released a few weeks ago!


 Orphans of Dusk - “Nibelheim” Stream/Download: 

 ALBUM RELEASE: Norilsk - The Idea of North

March 10, 2015

Norilsk's "The Idea of North" is now released! Hopefully it is still cold and miserable wherever you are! 

"Remote is the North and long are its nights.
Solitude is every man's friend and doom is his lullaby"

The digipack CD is available from us, alongside some remaining copies of a beautiful 43cm x 28cm full-color Norilsk poster, as well as a Norilsk sticker. Alternatively, a limited run of 50 tapes are available from Dwyer Records, and if you prefer you can stream or download, (and if you can, donate a $1 or 2) from the Hypnotic Dirge, Dwyer, or Norilsk Bandcamp pages!


 "Named after Siberia’s northernmost city, home of a famous heavy metal smelting complex, Norilsk is a doom-death band from Gatineau (Québec), Canada. After releasing an EP, Japetus, in July 2014, Norilsk now unveils their debut album - “The Idea of North” in a glorious digipack edition on Hypnotic Dirge Records and on speical limited tape by Dwyer Records!!

“The Idea of North” is a doom-death album crafted for the winter season: it has slow and crushing riffs, death growls, and atmospheric arrangements. An evocation of an ominous presence over a vast wasteland, “The Idea of North” is a massive offering that triggers the imagination. Its music draws comparison with doom-death bands such as My Dying Bride, Morgion and Ablaze in Hatred, but it also has a few atmospheric sludge/post metal elements reminiscent of Isis and Morne.

Inspired by the multi-faceted Canadian experience of the North, and assembled into a cold yet dynamic sequence of eight individual songs, the album explores themes of darkness, isolation, identity, archaism and persistence—thus delivering a fresh perspective over the cliché Nordic imagery in metal in general. 

“The Idea of North” was recorded at Studio En-Phase in Montreal by Jean-Philippe Latour (Paroxysm, Fuck the Facts, Talamyus), and mixed at Pebble Studios in Ottawa by Mike Bond (Dissentient, Endemise, Loviatar, Signs of Chaos), while the artwork was designed by professional artist Sam Ford, who also designed album artworks for Black Cobra, Witch Mountain and Monarch, among others.

Aside from the gorgeous two-panel cover and interior art pieces, the splendid digipak also contains all lyrics and translations (English and French), for worldwide fans of death-doom to enjoy the bitter taste of the Great White North. Unique to the CD version, the bonus ninth track “Coeur de Loup” (Heart of the Wolf), is an ironic doom rendering of a song originally composed by the Belgian pop artist Philippe Lafontaine.

The first 150 copies of the album sold comes with an 11cm x 7cm Norilsk sticker, and the first 40 copies of the album come with a full-color 43cm x 28cm Norilsk poster - a commissioned depiction of the doomed Franklin ship, which was lost at sea in 1845 searching for a Northwest passage to the pacific ocean and was finally discovered 169 years later in 2014 by a team of Canadian archaeologists.



 ALBUM RELEASE: Atten Ash - The Hourglass

February 19, 2015

The official worldwide release of the Atten Ash - The Hourglass album is upon us! 

The album is available in a gorgeous physical digipack CD, with a 12 page booket including all lyrics and liner notes for $10.00 + shipping, together with a free 11cm x 7cm Atten Ash sticker. The album is also available for free and unlimited streaming / download on the official Hypnotic Dirge Bandcamp page, so if you've been awaiting the re-release for a while, and first heard of the album through the Hypnotic Dirge re-release, you can finally hear it in its entirely!


A three-piece atmospheric/melodic death-doom band from North Carolina, Atten Ash is the creation of founding member James Greene who wrote the foundations of the songs which would later become “The Hourglass.” In 2011 James began collaborating with Barre Gambling (founding guitarist of Daylight Dies) and Archie Hunt (vocalist/guitarist of Legion of the Fallen) and the trio continued the musical work: arranging songs, establishing vocal patterns, writing lyrics and guitar solos. 

Recorded in 2012, an intricate and encapsulating death-doom portrait permeates Atten Ash’s first full-length recording. Rich in atmosphere, swaying through infectious melodies and razorsharp solos while displaying both melancholy and aggression with conviction and force, “The Hourglass” is the result of a band with considerable maturity and experience, already at the top of their craft, and with a defined vision for their sound placing them among the classic death-doom giants of the genre.

Those pining for genuine melodic/atmospheric death-doom for the dark and cold days ahead, and especially fans and listeners of bands such as Daylight Dies, Slumber, Katatonia, Woccon, Doom:vs, October Tide, and Helevorn (among others) would be wise to heed attention. 


Free digital compilation album "Subarctic Nocturnes: Doomed to Be" released now!
February 13, 2015

Presenting the latest Hypnotic Dirge Records free digital download compilation album!, "Subarctic Nocturnes: Doomed to Be [Volume 1]"

This year, we are releasing something more comprehensive than ever before, with a compilation trilogy series which will have a different genre focus on each volume and which we will release over the course of the next few months. We are extremely pleased to unveil the first album in this series now, with a focus on all things doom!

  Within this volume, you will find a collection of amazing artists at the forefront of the global doom scene, both Hypnotic Dirge bands and guests from other bands around the world. The selections on this release were carefully chosen to show some of our favourite bands including doom veterans and newcomers alike. Melodic Death-Doom, Gothic Doom, and Sludge Doom can all be found within this compilation so it is quite diverse and hopefully shows a careful balance between all these sounds.

1 - Altars of Grief - The Plague that Haunts the Darkness 
2 - Orphans of Dusk - Nibelheim 
3 - Norilsk - Planète heurt 
4 - Psychotic Gardening - Searing Cital
5 - Lavagoat - Ageless Nonsense 
6 - Nethermost - Weald Reams 
7 - Lycanthia - The Harbinger 
8 - Evadne - Colossal
9 - Human Collapse - Deep
10 - Enshine - Above Us 
11 - Atten Ash - The Hourglass
12 - Woccon - Wandering

Artwork by: Coby O'Brien

Artwork editing by: Alexander Machtakov 

Thanks to all the bands and artists for participating!


Lycanthia / Atten Ash Split 7" Vinyl Available!
January 22, 2015

Today - January 22 - marks the official release of the Lycanthia / Atten Ash Band Split 7" Vinyl!!


The vinyl is limited to 140 copies through HDR, and is available for $7.00 + shipping in our webshop. As a special bonus, those who order the vinyl will also receive three high-quality 11cm x 7cm stickers of Hypnotic Dirge, Lycanthia, and Atten Ash!

For those who prefer digital (or wants to listen / download in the meantime) can find the split on our Bandcamp page, available for free / "name-your-price" streaming/download! You'll also notice that "City in the Sea" stream / download has been added to the Atten Ash full-length "The Hourglass" - due out on February 19.

Side A: Lycanthia is a six-piece gothic death-doom metal band from Sydney, Australia. Their music can be described as dark, aggressive and emotional soundscapes fused with classical and rock elements. Consisting of grim male and dual female vocals, violins, keyboards, guitars and drums, Lycanthia continue that "golden age" traditional-doom sound with influences such as My Dying Bride & Theatre of Tragedy while also adding a more aggressive, complex and sophisticated sound, incorporating the likes of Draconian, Primordial, Shape of Despair & Virgin Black while still maintaining their own unique sound. Having now been a couple of years since the release of their latest full-length "Oligarchy", Lycanthia has been preparing new material that will comprise their next album, and in the meantime have managed to record a new track entitled "The Harbinger" which was released digitally and on a video clip earlier this year but was always planned and intended for a vinyl release.

Side B: A three-piece atmospheric/melodic death-doom band from North Carolina, Atten Ash is the creation of founding member James Greene whose intention with the project was to create something heavier and more colorful with attention to nuance and emotion. Being a multi-instrumentalist, James was able to record the foundations of the songs, giving a clear picture of the powerful nature of the music. Demos slowly took form. In 2011 James began collaborating with Barre Gambling (founding guitarist of Daylight Dies) and Archie Hunt (vocalist/guitarist of Legion of the Fallen) and the trio continued the musical work: arranging songs, establishing vocal patterns, writing lyrics and guitar solos. "The Hourglass" - a full-length album - was completed in 2012 and released digitally by the band in obscurity. Now in 2015, the full-length will be given its first proper physical release, while this special limited split 7" with doomsters Lycanthia will be the band's first ever release and precursor to the forthcoming full-length available on February 19. [Pre-order "The Hourglass" full-length]

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