Kval - translating to "anguish" in English - is an atmospheric ambient Black Metal band from Finland playing cold and dark mid-paced melodic Black Metal with catchy icy riffs coated in frost. The atmosphere of Kval is meant to convey emptiness and the solitary nature of life, and the album feels like a hopeless death march of despair and nihilism.  

Kval was founded in 2012 under the name Khaossos. Before changing the name to Kval in spring 2016, he recorded one demo, one EP, split albums with 1389 and Auriel, and debut album called Kuolonkuu. Later in 2016, Kval decided to re-record and re-name his debut album under the Kval banner.  Every instrument has been re-recorded with greater detail and there are vast improvements to the mix - creating a much richer and more atmospheric sound. The album will be released by Hypnotic Dirge in a 6 panel digipack and shirts and stickers will also be available. 

Although Kval is the only member of the band, guitars and a part of the keyboards have been always recorded by WNTRBRNR (from Auriel, Naufragia, etc.)


HYPNOTIC DIRGE   07.27.2017