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PRE-ORDERS: Frigoris - Wind [12" Vinyl]

January 21, 2021
We are now launching pre-orders for the limited vinyl edition of Frigoris’ 2013 album “Wind”! 

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Formed in 2007, Frigoris have released 4 full length albums, cementing their mastery of the Atmospheric/Pagan Black Metal genre. Their second album, "Wind", can be seen as the turning point in their career, marking a bit of a stylistic shift from their early days and bringing them the attention they very much deserve.
Specifically re-mastered for vinyl by Nicolas Keller at Red Door Studios in Heusenstamm, Germany and featuring brand new artwork on the insert, the 2021 vinyl edition of “Wind” is an ultra limited collector’s edition with only 250 copies pressed worldwide. There are 150 "Evening Fields" (beige with black marbling) vinyl while the remaining 100 vinyl are classic black.

Hypnotic Dirge Records will be distributing 83 copies in total (50 evening fields, 33 classic black), primarily for North American buyers, while the remaining copies will be available through Viridian Flame Records in Belgium, and later on, directly through Frigoris at shows (If and when COVID restrictions ease)

“Wind” is available to pre-order now!
*Orders will ship in late February/early March

A1 Windgeflüster
A2 Zwischenwelten
A3 Im Keim ertrunken
A4 Frühlingsnacht
B5 Hauch
B6 ...und Asche rinnt durch meine Hände
B7 Ode an verlorene Seelen 
B8 Wenn die Maske bricht

Record Specs:
 250 copies, divided into 2 different colors :
--- 150 evening fields (beige/black marble) 
--- 100 classic black

- 140g vinyl at 33 rpm in black poly-lined inner sleeves
- 350gsm sleeve, with matte lamination 
- Includes 4 page insert
- packed in a resealable plastic sleeve

Frigoris Bandcamp
Frigoris Facebook
Viridian Flame Records
Red Door Studios

Album Stream:


ALBUM RELEASE: Nordicwinter - Desolation

January 18, 2021
Nordicwinter's "Desolation" is officially released today!

Digital [Name-your-price]

Album notes:
Originally released on June 20, 2020, Nordicwinter’s “Desolation” followed the release of “Requiem” in April marking the project’s second full-length release in a span of 3 months after a 13 year gap between the debut album “Threnody” in 2007 and these two new records! The renewal of the Nordicwinter surely did not go unnoticed with “Requiem” and “Desolation” both recei...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Sertraline - The streetlight was all we needed

January 18, 2021
Sertraline's "The streetlight was all we needed" is officially released today!

Digital [Name-your-price]

Album notes:
Sertraline (Buffalo, NY) formed in the winter of 2014 as a reimagining of veteran death-doom group Where She Wept. The band, armed with the experience and chemistry of longtime collaboration, began to craft a new sonic legacy, combining atmostpheric black metal with post-rock elements to create a uniquely heavy-hitting trio of EPs: Shade (2017), From Both Our Hands (2019),...

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UPCOMING RELEASE: a noend of mine - Sanctuaires

January 13, 2021
a noend of mine (anom) is a project by Les Vynogradov (Vin de Mia Trix, Kauan) based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The genre of anom can be loosely described as melancholic post-prog. 

The debut album The Serenity's Eve, created with heavy support from Anton Belov (Kauan, Helengard), was released in 2016 through Pest Productions. This was followed by several European gigs, supporting Antimatter and Krobak, among others, as well as a tour of China. One concert was filmed and released as Live Serenity in 20...

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SONG PREMIERE: Omination - Nothing [Skepticism Cover]

January 13, 2021
Omination covers "Nothing" from Funeral Doom pioneers Skepticism

The original version of this song was released on Skepticism's 2013 album "Farrmakon"

Although recorded during the "NGR" sessions, this cover will not be included on the CD edition, and will instead be available exclusively online!

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PRE-ORDERS: Omination - NGR

January 8, 2021
Today, we launch pre-orders for the release of Omination's "NGR".

An absolute mammoth of a record, “NGR” (The New Golgotha Repvbliq) contains over an hour of some of the most encapsulating and ominous funeral doom metal to come out in quite some time. Combining abrasive and dissonant riffs with a shroud of atmospheric and monumental church organ and choirs, the instrumental aspect of this record is already massive, which is only enhanced by Fedor’s forceful growls, belted with conviction...

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ALBUM RELEASE: NONE - Damp Chill of Life [Vinyl]

January 8, 2021
Today marks the official release date of NONE's third album "Damp Chill of Life" on vinyl.
Thanks everyone who has supported ours and Viridian Flame's efforts to bring this trifecta of NONE releases on vinyl and giving us faith that our future collaborations will be successful!
(Next up, Frigoris - Wind)

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The first batch of records will ship out later today and the vast majority of the rest of the vinyl orders will be shipped out next week.

If you've ordered a vinyl and shirt, that may...

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Maeskyyrn - Gathering Believers Among Sheep [Vocal Playthrough]

January 8, 2021
Maeskyyrn vocalist  Harslingoth, The Overseer performing a vocal playthrough of "Gathering Believers Among Sheep" from their debut album "Interlude"

Remember - as with everything else we have released and will ever release, the album is available to download on Bandcamp for no minimum price!

But if you'd rather get some physical merch, now is the time to do it as we reduced the prices on the bundles and shirts last month.
Shirt for $C20, Bundle (Shirt CD, Signed Card, Sticker, Magnet) for $C...

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Omination - The sword that came out of His mouth [Bass Playthrough]

January 8, 2021
We've been pretty silent on here for the past couple of weeks, taking the opportunity to relax and refresh for a busy 2021
To begin the new year, here is a bass playthrough from Omination bassist Zied Kochbati performing "The sword that came out of His mouth", from the new Omination album "NGR"

Pre-orders will commence in a matter of days, both for the CD itself, but also for merch and bundle options!

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December 17, 2020
We are once again partnering with Viridian Flame Records to bring out this little gem of an album on vinyl! 
For years, we have had requests to release some of Frigoris' back-catalog on vinyl so we're happy to be able to start things off with their 2013 album "Wind"

Formed in 2007, Frigoris have released 4 full length albums, cementing their mastery of the Atmospheric/Pagan Black Metal genre. Their second album, "Wind", can be seen as the turning point in their career, having brought them the a...

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