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Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow [Teaser]

April 17, 2019

Release: May 2, 2019
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"Maple" full track

Album notes:
After hunkering down to record this winter, Laurentian Black Metal band Mavradoxa has completed work on their third album, Nightmarrow, following 2016's Sojourners and 2017's Lethean Lament. Mavradoxa's third album, although related to the tonal atmosphere and character of previous albums sees the band developing and intensifying their song-writing ability crafting simultaneously cohesive yet unpredictable songs with a progressive hue that is still rooted in Atmospheric Black Metal. 

Nightmarrow is a meditation on the isolation and hopelessness of our age (particularly in the realm of the urban), and the consequences of technology and voracious consumption of resources. The nightmarrow, the specters here are the distillation of our negative qualities: the interminable urge to consume, to control, and the chaos that results, this malevolent part of our human nature lurking in all the woe and decay we've created.

The spirit of the album is rooted in the cycle of bloom and decay. It juxtaposes the purity of nature and the encroaching venom of urbanity. It contemplates the futility of technological advancement. It questions what would become of the planet if we continue down our current path into annihilation, if it would be left a hollow shell, or if new life could ever bloom in the soil of our remains.
Nightmarrrow was Engineered by Nicholas Alan at Subterranean Studios, Mixed by Stephen Parker (Pillorian, Maestus) and Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Recording.

The album artwork for Nightmarrow was concocted by Dylan Garrett Smith, an artist whose work similarly conjures humanity's relationship and growing distance with the natural world.
Nightmarrow will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on May 2, 2019.

Nightmarrow Tracklisting:
1 - Maple (7:41)
2 - The Carrion Shade (9:25)
3 - Nightmarrow (9:34)
4 - Rustling Leaves (1:45)
5 - Black Crystal Snowfall (10:57)
6 - Umbra (3:40)
Total Length: 43:05

ALBUM RELEASE: NONE - Damp Chill of Life

April 11, 2019
The third album from the enigmatic and anonymous entity NONE is now officially released!

"Damp Chill of Life" is available to order on the Hypnotic Dirge webshop, as well as exclusive hoodie and shirt bundles, and a discography pack..

The hoodie and shirt bundles come with a limited NONE patch and button, as well as some other unannounced extras which will be thrown into your pack!

These bundles will only be available for a limited time and once they are gone, they are gone. The "Damp Chill of L...

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DIGITAL RELEASE: Hypnotic Dirge Records Compilation 2019 | The Depth of the Abyss Knows No Bounds

April 8, 2019
Hypnotic Dirge presents its latest compilation album, entitled "The Depth of the Abyss Knows No Bounds".  

This is our first compilation album since the Subarctic Nocturnes Trilogy and includes tracks from both recent and upcoming releases. 

1 - Marche Funèbre - Death Wish Woman
2 - Mavradoxa - Maple
3 - Ah Ciliz - People of the Stars
4 - Eave - Each Fang Falls
5 - Omgeving - VI - Eenzaamheid in Extase
6 - Kval - Laho
7 - Il Vuoto - V (The Fifth Nail)
8 - Frigoris - Minervas Flehen
9 - Feral...

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SONG PREMIERE: NONE - It's Painless To Let Go

April 5, 2019
Invisible Oranges is premiering a "new" NONE track "It's Painless to Let Go" today!

The new album "Damp Chill of Life" drops next Thursday April 11, and all pre-orders will be packed and shipped during the latter part of that week (April 10-14 or so).
Hoodies, Shirts, CD's, Patches, Buttons, Stickers etc available at the Hypnotic Dirge shop.

Invisible Oranges Premiere Link

From the article:
Plodding but seamless, the album captures a picture of meandering around daily life with that pesky dark sha...

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March 31, 2019
The second full-length album from the Finnish Atmospheric Black Metal act Kval, entitled Laho will be released on May 23. The title track is now streaming!

Two summers ago, Finnish Black Metal project Kval released their debut self-titled album, an album which was originally released under the moniker Khaossos in 2015. Kval has spent the past few months writing and refining the tracks for the second Kval album, entitled Laho, the first album to be written for Kval from the start.

Compared to th...

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PRE-ORDERS: Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow

March 25, 2019
We are now accepting pre-orders for “Nightmarrow” from the Rochester, NY based Atmospheric Black Metal band Mavradoxa. In addition to the new album “Nightmarrow” presented in a light-weight but sturdy 6 panel eco-sleeve, a Nightmarrow bundle, which includes the CD, the official album t-shirt, a new sticker, button, and signed postcard is also available, as well as the Nightmarrow shirt and a CD bundle which includes 2017’s “Lethean Lament”.

The following bundles and options are a...

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PRE-ORDERS: NONE - Damp Chill of Life

March 6, 2019
The third chapter in NONE's arrestingly reclusive legacy, "Damp Chill of Life" is now available to pre-order, alongside limited new merch, printed exclusively for this release!!

Weaving visionary soundscapes with depressive black metal, “Damp Chill Of Life” will gnaw at your bones like dying alone in an ice-bound wilderness. Haunting piano keys and retching voices flicker through harsh walls of instruments, ebbing and flowing through the lengthy tracks as NONE take their time to pick apart...

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ALBUM RELEASE: The Haunting Green - Natural Extinctions

March 5, 2019
The Haunting Green's debut full-length album "Natural Extinctions" is now officially released!

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*Also available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, etc.

The Haunting Green are Cristiano Perin (vocals, guitars, synthesizers) and Chantal Fresco (drums and percussions).  Formed in 2012 and based on North-East Italy, their music is constantly going in the direction of a coexistence within the aggressive vibes of extreme metal with ambient-drone and dark electronic music. Af...

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March 3, 2019
A very small new list this month, due to our focus on our upcoming releases! However, here are a few gems from India's finest, Transcending Obscurity Records!!

Veilburner -  A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy
Dødsferd - Diseased Remnants Of A Dying World 
Nattravnen - Kult Of The Raven 
LifelostL - Dialogues From Beyond 
Imperialist - Cipher 
Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers

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SONG PREMIERE: Mavradoxa - Maple

February 28, 2019
Today, we are pleased to release the very first track from Mavradoxa’s upcoming album “Nightmarrow”!

Laurentian Black Metal band Mavradoxa have recently reemerged having completed work on their third album, “Nightmarrow”. “Maple” is the opening track on that album and as you’ll hear, wastes no time at all before hitting you with an onslaught of momentous energy and a visceral spirit that covers you in a shroud of atmosphere.

The spirit of the album is rooted in the cycle of bloo...

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