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MUSIC VIDEO: stroszek - The beast who dreams of man

February 18, 2019
After a few years of silence, stroszek returns with a new song entitled "The beast who dreams of man" from the forthcoming album "about all the bad days in the world" scheduled for a late 2019 release. stroszek is a project bringing forth various elements of neo-folk, goth rock, trip-hop and western music blending together seemingly irreconcilable sounds to craft something that is all about feeling and introspection. Contemplation, melancholy, and stories about life are at the forefront of the vibe in stroszek's music. "about all the bad days in the world" is an evolution in the sound of stroszek, keeping the same vibe, but also throwing in some new elements which may surprise old listeners. 

strapped to this bed 
can’t move at all 
hear my last call 
I’ll sleep when I am dead 

all lined up outside my door 
an host of black dogs lying on the floor 
waiting for me to come out and play 
that’s what you get, no place to stay 

Written: Claudio Alcara 
Arranged: Chromo 
Choir: Chromo, Lady-B 

Produced by Chromo 
Recorded and Mixed at Kbeat Studio 

Actor: Lorenzo De Carlo 
Written: Luca Olivieri 
Directed: Sara Battolla

UPCOMING RELEASE: Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow

February 16, 2019
After hunkering down to record this winter, Laurentian Black Metal band Mavradoxa has completed work on their third album, Nightmarrow, following 2016's Sojourners and 2017's Lethean Lament. Mavradoxa's third album, although related to the tonal atmosphere and character of previous albums sees the band developing and intensifying their song-writing ability crafting simultaneously cohesive yet unpredictable songs with a progressive hue that is still rooted in Atmospheric Black Metal. 


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ALBUM RELEASE: Il Vuoto - Vastness

February 12, 2019
Il Vuoto's Vastness is available now!

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Il Vuoto is the noise of sorrow and distress…a solo Funeral Doom / Drone project hailing from Piacenza, Italy, created by the same mastermind behind the excellent Black Metal project Chiral. In addition to some demo albums, Il Vuoto released a debut album, entitled “Weakness” in the summer of 2015, and now we present the second observation, entitled “Vastness”. 

“Vastness” is an album...

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February 11, 2019
Like clockwork, NONE returns this spring to destroy your seasonal optimism with their oppressively bleak atmosphere. Following 2018’s epic “Life Has Gone On Long Enough”, “Damp Chill Of Life” is NONE's third full-length chapter in their arrestingly reclusive legacy.

Weaving visionary soundscapes with depressive black metal, “Damp Chill Of Life” will gnaw at your bones like dying alone in an ice-bound wilderness. Haunting piano keys and retching voices flicker through harsh walls ...

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PRE-ORDERS ACCEPTED: The Haunting Green - Natural Extinctions

February 6, 2019
We are now taking pre-orders for the 6 panel digipack of "Natural Extinctions", the debut album from The Haunting Green. Release date is scheduled for March 5 but we are expecting to ship these out about a week early! THG is a duo based in Northeastern Italy that builds on a doom metal foundation with post-metal, drone, and percussive elements to create a unique and quintessential sound. Formed in 2012, their music is constantly going in the direction of a coexistence within the aggressive vi...

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February 4, 2019
Added: February 4, 2019

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From Einheit Produktionen:
EP053 Surturs Lohe - Seelenheim
EP060 Hypnos - The Whitecrow
EP061 Eden Weint Im Grab - Na(c)htodreise
EP062 Ferndal- Ferndal
EO065 Odroerir - Das Erbe unserer ahnen
EP067 Thakandar - Sterbende Erde
EP068 Andras - Reminiszenzen
EP069 Ahnengrab - Schattenseiten
EP070 Ahnenkult - Als das Licht verging

From Dusktone Records:
Dusk008 Cold Body Radiation - Deer Twilight
Dusk037 Acrosome - Narrator and Remains
Dusk039 Scuorn - Parthenope

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DIGITAL RELEASE: Omination - The New Golgotha Repvbliq

February 1, 2019
Omination is an Apocalyptic Funeral Doom band from Tunisia, headed by Fedor Kovalevsky of Vielikan. In 2018, Omination released an enormous debut double-album "Followers of the Apocalypse" already showing their depth and maturity in songwriting and the ability to conjure ominous atmospheres. 

Omination returns with a new single entitled "The New Golgotha Repvbliq", the eponymous track from the upcoming album to be released later this year on Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Bandcamp Player:

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DIGITAL RELEASE: Eave - Banners to the Moonswept

January 31, 2019
Weaving black metal riffs over a phantasmagorical blackgaze shroud, "Banners to the Moonswept" serves as a perfect introduction to the sound of Eave, a post-black metal band from Portland. Maine.

Having previously released a demo, a full-length and a split album, Eave returns with a new EP marking a turning point in the band's sound and acting as a prelude to their forthcoming full-length album.

Sometimes aggressive, other times pensive, but always hypnotic, "Banners to the Moonswept" is chock ...

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TEASER: Omination ▲ Отче наш ▲

January 31, 2019
Prayer taken from the upcoming Omination album 'THE NEW GOLGOTHA REPVBLIQ' to be released later this year on Hypnotic Dirge Records!

Approaching 20 minutes, the eponymous track from the album will be published as a single this Friday.

Omination is an Apocalyptic Funeral Doom band from Tunisia, headed by Fedor Kovalevsky of Vielikan. In 2018, Omination released an enormous debut double-album "Followers of the Apocalypse" already showing their depth and maturity in songwriting and the ability to ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Haunting Green - The Void Above

January 28, 2019
The first preview from The Haunting Green’s forthcoming debut album “Natural Extinctions” is now streaming! You can listen to the track “The Void Above” courtesy of Indy Metal Vault! Formed in 2012 and based on North-East Italy, The Haunting Green’s music bridges the aggressive vibes of extreme metal with ambient-drone and dark electronic music.

Cover art illustrated by Jessica Rassi (The Giant Lab)

From the article:
“If there’s one thing at which The Haunting Green truly excel, ...

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