The best place to contact us:

hypnoticdirgerecords (at) hotmail (dot) com

As Hypnotic Dirge has grown, it has become tougher to keep up with email. 
Please allow up to a week for a response as our focus might be on a particular project or release.

Demo submissions and requests for a physical release requires a lot of thought so sometimes a response can take the longest for these.
There is a lot of foresight and planning that goes into release scheduling and there are multiple factors involved so some thought is necessary.

I will do my best to respond promptly.

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You can also use the contact form to the left.
Note that the contact form doesn't allow for sending attachments. 
Do not forget to type in your email address.
Without it, we have no way to respond!

We are NOT accepting demos for 2021.
All demo-related emails will be ignored. Sorry.

There is updated current info about whether we are currently accepting demos, what formats to send demos, and other important details.

Mailing Address:

Hypnotic Dirge Records
1100 Esquimalt Road
Esquimalt, BC  V9A 3N4

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