Hypnotic Dirge Official Distribution

The intention for the distribution section is to host releases from select international labels for faster shipping within North America. There is a direct mutually-beneficial partnership between us and the labels hosted here so when you buy their releases from Hypnotic Dirge, you are supporting us both!

Through the years, we have maintained a webshop with releases from many bands and labels around the world mostly through trading, but trades naturally are a sporadic thing and it is not usually possible to have a label's full catalog in the shop, nor perhaps should it be...

That is the aim with the official distribution - to have all, or at least most of that label's catalog available through Hypnotic Dirge.
We will build on this idea and host other labels soon, but it will be kept exclusive and selective.

Prices are a bit higher than "The Distro" but that is a reflection of the wholesale costs as well as the cost of shipping digipacks around the world.

Solitude Productions
Focus: Doom Metal, Death-Doom, Funeral Doom
Solitude Shop
Vendetta Records
Focus: Black Metal
Vendetta Shop

Throats Productions
Focus: Black Metal, Post-Black Metal
Throats Shop
Les Actéurs de l'ombre Productions
Focus: Post-Black Metal
L'ombre Shop