HDR - Download - 004 : Immundus - The Method Learned II

I- Decoy (ft. NauseA)(6:33)
II- Sublimation at Zero Hour (ft. F.Klingwall) (6:26)
III- The Mother of Echoes (ft. In(S)cissorS)(7:02)
IV- Repentance of Midnight (ft. Sphere-Sounds)(6:03)

Total Playing Time: 26:04

Hypnotic Dirge Records, and 'Immundus' are proud to present a free download EP entitled 'The Method Learned II' in collaboration with such well-known ambient artists such as Fredrik Klingwall, NauseA, In (S)cissors, and Sphere-Sounds. This four track EP continues to showcase Immundus' experimental nature as he continues to climb towards being a top artist in the dark ambient genre. Released just 5 short months after his highly-acclaimed sophomore album 'Haunted Memories', Immundus shows no signs of slowing down! You can download this Free EP complete with full artwork from Niels Geybels/Depraved Designs at the link below and enjoy even more music from this highly prolific dark ambient mastermind!

Based on the written works of G. James Wyrick

These Works attempt to highlight various slices of the human experience. Experiences that connect us together and that may serve as a catalyst for the sublime revelation of being alive to be realized.