HDR - Download - 011 : Old Forgotten Lands - Risen Tide

I - Risen Tide (33:42)

Total Playing Time: 33:42

***"Risen Tide" is a special audial documentation of a memory I had of last summer.

I took a trip to a local coastal region and perched myself atop some rocks protruding from the ocean waters. I began to simply sit still and feel what I could feel, and experience whatever I could experience. There was a full moon above me, and the waters were very still.Eventually I began to feel something strange. I felt as if I was, for the time being, feeling my surroundings be drawn by the power of the moon above me. Not in a sense of new-age doctrine or anything of the sort, but simply as a natural phenomena that has been occurring almost unnoticeably to humans for the entire duration of the earth's existence.

This long track is simply a remembrance and a re-incovation of what was felt during this experience. Much can be learned about the ways of our universe by simply giving oneself up to observing. It also teaches the complexity of the universe, and regresses the idea that it is all simply borne of an accident...

Old Forgotten Lands-