Winds of sorrow - Through Twilight...

I - The Winds of Sorrow Howl Unto Me (Intro) (1:45)
II - Walking the Tainted Corridors of Dementia (6:37)
III - Silenced Eternally (5:53)
IV - Beneath a Sea of Tears (6:26)
V - Shadows Ensnare Me (7:34)
VI - Decending Deeper Into Imsonia (4:02)
VII - Lament of the Withering World (7:22)
VIII - In Desolation I Await Solace (8:24)

Total Playing Time: 47:35

The debut album from Mort's (Exiled From Light, Schizophrenia, When Mine Eyes Blacken) Atmospheric Black Metal Project. Beautiful Melodies and Absorbing Atmospheres, an album with the potential to be uplifting yet still be depressive! A different side of Mort's multi-faceted musical path. Comes packaged in a CD case with a 4 page booklet!

***Originally released on November 24th, 2008 as HDR's first official physical release. We have decided to put the one and only Winds of Sorrow album available for free download due to a considerable demand for the album after it sold out.