Astral Luminous - Lunaric Tide

I - Lunaric Tide(3:47)
II - Astral Luminous(13:24)
III - Binaural Vibrancy(12:49)
IV - Cosmic Dream(10:48)

Total Playing Time: 40:48

Astral Luminous' debut album is one of the most intelligent, thought-provoking and innovative black metal albums to come out in quite some time. Inspired by the cosmos, astral projection, and human philosophy, this is truly a groundbreaking album filled with hypnotic riffs and trance-inducing ambience. Packaged in a beautiful 8 page booklet designed by Ba'al Graphics. This is highly recomended and an essential album for all black metal fans or fans of philosophical music/art in general.

***Originally released on February 27th, 2009 as a physical release. The CD version is now so completely sold out so we have decided to make this album available to download for all those who missed out on the physical release. The download includes all of the album artwork, as well as a couple of promotional photos.