stroszek - a break in the day EP

I - authmnal moon (2:43)
II - from mound to mound (4:59)
III - green jade (4:34)
IV - secret of the earth (5:13)
V - hotel [Bonus Track] (3:51)

Total Playing Time: 22:20

More Info:

***"A Break In The Day" features the music which was formerly recorded @ Big Wave studio for "the Wild Hunt" EP (released on God Is Myth Records). Nat wrote her own lyrics and sang. (Nat will also appear on the new physical release full-length album 'Sound Graveyard Bound' on the track 'Spirits Dwell') The same goes for "Hotel", but this was recorded at home by Dan. Cover picture was taken by Donna, artwork has been done by FB. A very special thanx to Dustin for bringin' these songs to life.

C., summer 2011

A physical version of this album with extra bonus songs has been released by Pest Productions. Limited copies are available from Hypnotic Dirge Records HERE