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Depicting Abysm/Windbruch/Gmork - Silentium!

I - Depicting Abysm - I
II - Depicting Abysm - II
III - Depicting Abysm - III
IV - Windbruch - IV
V - Windbruch - V
VI - Windbruch - VI
VII - Gmork - VII
VIII - Gmork - VIII
IX - Gmork - IX

Total Playing Time: 1:03:44

More Info: Hypnotic Dirge Records is pleased to annouce the release of a free digital download split album between three atmospheric black metal bands from Russia - Depicting Abysm, Windbruch, and Gmork. The album is entitled "Silentium!" and features three brand new tracks from each of the bands!

"Silence – it is a pause between two emotional strikes, but even there a “scream” can take place."

Depicting Abysm is a side-project of Epitimia musicians.
A – all instruments, programming
K – vocals

Windbruch is an atmospheric black metal band from Russia founded in 2009 by Mikhailov Rodion who is the only member of the project.

Gmork is a black metal band from Russia founded in 2005
Myrk – guitars, programming
Gloomyrain – vocals
Teo - bass
Fin - drums

Coverart by Ourocat