HDR - 003 : Echoes of Silence - Beyond the Crimson Gates


Released: January 16th, 2009
Details: Pro-CDr, 4 page booklet/standard jewel case - Limited to 100 Copies
Genre: Experimental Symphonic Black Metal


From: Meridian 9 Magazine; Issue #2; Reviewer: Owen Wears

Echoes of Silence
Beyond the Crimson Gates
Hypnotic Dirge – 2009

Ooooh my, but this is weird stuff. Not like avant-garde weird, or experimental weird. To the contrary this is rather strait forward Black Metal. Just really, really odd, heavily Industrial tinged Black Metal. With Death growls. Lots and lots of Death growls. Heavily distorted, run through the ringer then back again Death growls. Bit of a nerve rending experience to listen to actually. The kicker: This disc is over an hour long. Now, if you are a fan of this sort of harsh, auditory chaos then yeah, by all means, snag this bitch. I found my reception to this album depended heavily on mood and therefore have a varying opinion on weather or not to recommend this work. (I can say with certainty that the cover art is all kinds of balls to the wall, kick ass though) The only other band I can even draw the slightest correlation with is old school Blinded By Faith. (Never thought I’d be writing that. Ever.) In any event, Hypnotic Dirge Records, out of Saskatchewan Canada, broke with their usual contemplative, melancholy and sorrowful mold in order to unleash this beast on the world and I must give them props for taking such a chance.

Wears- 6/10