Hypnotic Dirge Records Webstore
An auditory palette for the estranged and eclectic.

This is the official Canada / USA webshop for Hypnotic Dirge Records where you can find all of our releases - both CD and vinyl, merch, and bundles.

If you live elsewhere in the world, we recommend you order through our EU SHOP for cheaper shipping
However, we *do* ship worldwide through this store, and some items - especially merch and bundles are exclusively available through this store.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. 
We ship worldwide!

DISTRO SALE: Hypnotic Dirge is phasing out our distro! Therefore, the prices on our ENTIRE DISTRO CATALOG have been permanently reduced!
All distro items are available for $C5.00 per CD or $C20 for 5 CD's
To take advantage of the 5 CD's for $C20 deal, just add the distro items to your cart and then use the code "DISTRO2023" upon checkout!

Volume discount:
Orders over $C200 before shipping receive 10% off automatically at checkout
Orders over $C300 before shipping receive 20% off automatically at checkout

Payment methods available are Paypal, or Credit Card
Payments are accepted from anywhere in the world and we ship worldwide.

There is now the option to add tracking to any order over 100g.

By default, you will be charged standard airmail shipping without tracking when you checkout but you can check the tracked option for a $4.00
surcharge going to the US and an $8.00 surcharge elsewhere in the world.
All orders over 100g within Canada include tracking by default.
You will be sent the tracking number alongside a confirmation email once your order ships. 


Current Hypnotic Dirge releases (CDs): $C15.00 || Older Hypnotic Dirge releases (CDs): $C10.00 - $C12.00
LP: $C24.00 - $30.00 || Double LP: $C35.00 - $C40.00
T-shirts: $C20.00-$C25.00 || Long-sleeve Shirts: $C30.00 || Hoodies: $C50.00
Distro Catalog: $C8.00 - $C15.00
Clearance: $C5.00
*This is just a rough guide - there will always be exceptions

Hypnotic Dirge Records releases are available on bandcamp for 
streaming and download for free / by-donation. 

You can also download our full digital discography
(100+ albums) for $25.00 CDN.

Our philosophy is rooted in the principle of open-source media and unlimited access! 
We depend on the community for support to fund future releases and
believe in the efficacy of this model!

Please show your support by ordering the physical CD or sending
a donation on Bandcamp if you enjoy the album.

Hypnotic Dirge Bandcamp  

The price of items listed is before shipping.

Shipping will be calculated upon checkout depending on your location and the
amount of items you are ordering. Once you enter your address, the store will
recognize what region you are in and add shipping accordingly.

Shipping prices are based on weight but in most cases, shipping increases at 4, 7, and 13 CD's. If there is a discrepancy and you end up paying too much for shipping, we will send you a partial refund after we process the order.

Here are the shipping rates for standard airmail shipping.
You can also add tracking to your order for a $4.00 charge for US orders and $8.00 charge for international orders.

up to 100g (1 CD) - Canada - $4.00
up to 100g (1 CD) - USA - $11.00
up to 100g (1 CD) - International - $14.00

100g - 250g 2-3 CD's - Canada - $15.00
100g - 250g (2-3 CD's) - USA - $13.00
100g - 250g (2-3 CD's) - International - $16.00

200g - 499g (4-6 CD's) - Canada - $18.00
251g - 499g (4-6 CD's) - USA - $17.00
251g - 499g (4-6 CD's) - International - $27.00

500g - 999g (7 - 12 CD's) - Canada - $25.00
500g - 999g (7 - 12 CD's) - USA - $25.00
500g - 999g (7 - 12 CD's) - International - $50.00

1kg - 1.99kg (13 - 26 CD's) - Canada - $30.00
1kg - 1.99kg (13 - 26 CD's) - USA - $32.00
1kg - 1.99kg (13 - 26 CD's) - International - $60.00

2kg + (27 CD's + ) Canada - $30.00
2kg + (27 CD's + ) USA - $42.00
2kg + (27 CD's + ) International - $80.00

*CD's typically weigh between 75g to 110g, vinyl and a reliable record mailer together weighs roughly 450g, shirts vary widely between sizes and style (short sleeve vs long sleeve) but are roughly 200g to 400g, while hoodies are between 500g to 800g.

Prices above are simply guidelines. Sometimes there are heavy CD's (due to thick materials or large booklet for example) and prices will ultimately be based on weight.

In the vast majority of cases, orders arrive within 2 weeks in Canada and the US and within one month in most other parts of the world.

If you have not received your order after six weeks, contact us. [