NOTTURNO is an atmospheric black metal project founded by multi-instrumentalist Vittøriø Sabelli (Dawn of a Dark Age, Incantvm). As the primary composer in NOTTURNO, Vittøriø set out to craft music suited for a nocturnal mood, characterized by haunting melodies, a rich organic sound, and an undertone of dread and desperation. Filling out the NOTTURNO lineup is the evocative and singular expressiveness of female vocalist Kjiel (Eyelessight), and the masterful drive of drummer Diego 'Aeternus' Tasciotti, (Ade, Handful of Hate, Dawn Of A Dark Age)

In 2022, a debut album entitled Obsessions was released. Developing its atmosphere through strong dynamics and pacing over the course of lengthy songs, keeping the listener lost in a reverie and crafting an immersive experience at once melancholic and infectious, and floating between Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal, Doom, and Chamber music, Obsessions received a very positive reception from listeners of the genre, and soon afterwards the band began working on a follow up release.

Roughly 18 months after the debut album, - Inside - the band's second album would be released! A logical evolution of the sound developed on Obsessions, the new album Inside though maintaining a similar atmosphere, did introduce some elements which weren't present previously, crafting an enveloping soundtrack to despair through the use of buzzsaw guitars, haunting piano, and even orchestral instruments that blend seamlessly and float in and out as required creating droning introspection and emotional crescendos in equal measure. As with on "Obsessions", this structure serves as the base for the exasperated and desperate vocals of Kjiel (Eyelessight), this time around being joined by guest vocalist Davide Straccione (Shores of Null).

"Inside" will be released through Hypnotic Dirge Records on CD/Digital format on October 6, 2023, and a vinyl edition - Notturno's first! - will follow in December 2023.

"Obsessions" - April 29, 2022

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"Inside" - October 6, 2023
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