"Demi-Lynn as Twila." 


 'One Dark Curse' is a band devoted to horror & of course romance. The main character Ledning, who writes/sings all the music, is a serial killer of sorts who gave up murdering. He realized the powers and mysticism of 'Love' are far to strong to void. He believes it is a curse of sorts & rather, as he says, the darkest one; Hence the band name

The first primitive release of 'One Dark Curse' is in the works and will hopefully be out by halloween 2010. It is entitled 'The Nightmarish Fields O' Horror'... The album takes us through a very ghoulish tale about the girl he figured to be 'the one', but seemlessy turned out to be a loss; Literally? Well he kidnapped her and tried to win her heart, but it's really not that easy as he finds out!

'ODC: The Series' is an EP fest with shorts that contain peculiar horror and/or love tales in the One Dark Curse world. Unlike the albums, it isn't based on a main story or concept and instead delivers a variety of experimental sounds i'd probably not use on the LP side. Stay tuned for the first release by, again, halloween 2010, then hopefully another full length album with Ledning and the villain that never dies; love!