HDR - 001 : Winds of Sorrow - Through Twilight


Released: November 24th, 2008
Details: Pro-CDr, 4 page booklet/standard jewel case - Limited to 100 Copies
Genre: Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal

By: Matt Caughlin

I came across this album a while ago and I really feel this project has great potential. I wish I had time to elaborate on this, but I've been really busy for the past month and a half. While I feel there is a setback that the synth section is all done by very basic midi, the compositions themselves are both very dark and beautiful and show great emotion. The guitar work is absolutely flawless and Mort leaves a chilling feeling with his vocalisms. Some tracks that really stand out for me areSilenced Eternally, In Desolation I Await Solace, and Beneath a Sea of Tears. If you want Lo-Fi Depressive Black Metal, I would definitely recommend purchasing this album. It goes well beyond the norms of typical BM and the melodies are unique for the genre, and never too repetitive like many bands within the style. Again I am disappointed in the MIDI accompanying the guitar track, but everything while being low budget, is decipherable, clear and almost professionally mixed. If this project puts money into some more fancy software I bet this will be a truly memorable experience, and this album marks the first chapter in what should be a long and great road for WoS.(84/100)

From: Winter Torments Zine www.myspace.com/winter_torment
Winds of Sorrow-Through Twilight... pro cdr {hypnotic dirge rec.}New Zealand's dark/experimental/black metal band, Winds of Sorrow unleash over 45 min. of majestic dark metal combining many different genres.from the harsher side of black metal to more atmospheric doom passeges all entertwined with some experimental/atmospheric music. Winds of Sorrow is a band that is nearly impossible to put into any one genre, but i recommend this band to all fans of cold,desolate, blackened doom with atmospheric passages. I for one look forward to hearing what Winds of Sorrow put out next!

From: Christophe Szpajdel '">www.myspace.com/christopheszpajdel

WINDS OF SORROW 'Through Twilight'
Mort never ceases to amaze me with his project and I always have been extremely delighted serving him logos where i went simply out of my mind. Check his other bands/projects Nystagmus, Exiled from Light, Beyond Light, When Mine Eyes Blacken...they are perfect examples of musical co-evolution to create the perfect honing of the whole Depressiv'Moderne concept. Winds of Sorrow is simply a gem in your collection, ranging from down tempo dark metal like 'Walking the tainted Corridors of Dementia' or the absolutely superb 'Beneath A Sea Of Tears' which perfectly depicts the winterlandscapes in the mist....and the amazement continues with such anthems as 'Lament Of the Withering World'...to finalize with 'In Desolation I await Solace'....this is simply....truly irresistible, you cannot go past it. You have to get your hands on it. For more infos

From: EEE Recordings Webzine Amazing">www.e3recordings.com

Amazing. No other word to describe it. I was not sure what to expect when I first saw this disc. Obviously Black Metal or ambient based on the artwork, but to what degree I was uncertain. I was plesently surprised to hear what i did, a unique hybrid of depressive black metal, symphonic black and dark ambient. Mort (the man behind Wos) does an amazing job of combining these different elements seamlessly and not sounding cliche or rehashed. This sound is somewhat akin to older Dimmu Borgir, mixed with Katatonia and maybe a bit of Xasthur. An exceptional debut from this young artist/project.

From: Nekrodeath 666 Reviews and Interviews www.myspace.com/nekrodeath6_6_6
Undertaken by Glenn "Old Man Nekro"....

I don't know if it comes with age, but finding the more down tempo/symphonic sideto black metal is becoming more apparent to me. This is not a sub - genre Ihave happened to stumble across, but what I have learnt to embrace with openarms. It gives me great pleasure to have found these key elements within WindsOf Sorrow to satisfy my dark urge to find something more brooding & atmospheric.....

"Winds Of Sorrow" have been inoperation now since 2007 & are based in Auckland of New Zealand (you cansee where Mort (Sole Member) has got the inspiration to write such a powerfulalbum). this is a slow journey through a tormented mind & a bleak landscapethat has many different levels of darkness to it. This is a sombre album,though not one to be confused with the likes of Xasthur, Leviathan, etc.Vocally you could possibly link the work over. Musically however, this is aslightly different kettle of fish, not content with having something sound low- fi & badly produced. Winds OfSorrow offers more within it's dimensions of musical prowess & there arebeautiful changes between the songs, something that some bands have a tendencyto forget. Rather than cause a barrage of sound & hatred, Mort has foundalmost a harmonic/ atmospheric way to portray his sorrow & disgust at theworld we live in today. This is possibly the best kind of tribute dare I sayit, to "Burzum", The more folk elements represent the newer side of"Burzum" or even "Drudkh" rather than the raw hatred ofearly "Burzum" that a lot of people choose to rip off (and badlymight I add). This all makes for a uplifting change & with such powerfultracks such as "Beneath A Sea Of Tears" (which I could listen to onrepeat all day long!), "Walking The Tainted Corridors" & "In Desolation I AwaitSolace", it is with these tracks I look forward to the next work by Mort(Winds Of Sorrow) & hope that he can carry on this amazing atmosphericwork.....

Cheers & Hail Glenn "Old Man
Nekro" & Caz "Lady Nekro" Nekrodeath6_6_6 Reviews &Interviews. 2009 ©


From: Meridian 9 Magazine
Issue 2; Reviewer: Owen Wears

Winds of Sorrow
Through Twilight
Hypnotic Dirge - 2008

Here’s another from up and coming Canadian Dark Ambient / Black Metal label Hypnotic Dirge. The eight tracks on this first effort from Winds of Sorrow, the solo project of Mort from Exiled From Light, Schizophrenia and When Mine Eyes Blacken, are dominated by rather synth lines that play cat and mouse with cheesiness. Makes it a bit difficult to hear the wonderfully droning guitar work and very well executed vox. Now, I am not wholly opposed to synths in Black Metal. Not by a long shot. If done properly that is. The keys here verge on the haunting melodies I am sure the creator of this album was going for, but don’t always reach their intended destination. Track four is the exception to this. Incorporating acoustic guitar and a truly melancholy synth drone, that actually does highlight the hauntingly shrieked vocals, the sense of true melancholy that is conveyed through this song is so spot on that it pains me to write anything negative about the rest of the album. I fervently wish Mort had stuck to the same formula that made this track “Beneath a Sea of Tears” so beautiful. In any event, this is an enjoyable enough album if you have a taste for keyboard dominated Black Metal.. I would at least encourage everyone to give track four a listen. Pick this one up if the mood strikes I say. It comes at a very decent price and is worth checking out.

Wears – 6/10