Review from Ave Noctum

August 8, 2017
From: Ave Noctum Webzine
Published: August, 6, 2017

Lethean Lament’ is the second album from New York-based atmospheric black metal duo Mavradoxa, and just like the excellent ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ album from Australian band King last year, it’s a massive slab of nature-obsessed majesty.

Surprising and dynamic, Lux (drums, vocals) and Nival (guitars, bass, vocals) have crafted a passionate and forceful record, that even at a running time of just over an hour, holds the attention with its boldness and tangible sense of yearning. Not to mention crisp production.

It may begin acoustically, but this is no exercise in dreary black gaze. It may speak of the earth, the water, and man’s longing to connect with it, but the music is still brutal and heavy. With enough melody to provide a rich listening experience.

The band is also clearly in no hurry, as ‘The Phantom Visages’ slowly unfolds its many considered riffs and tempos.

Nival’s passionate and hoarse vocals suit the music down to the ground, and when they are matched with Mark Welden’s clean vox on the truly epic ‘Crimson Waves of Autumnal Flame’ and further voice from drummer Lux, the effect is pretty stunning.

The combination of male/female vocals also provides a choral tone to ‘Across the Nival Grove’, which works well with the almost goth-sounding lead guitar, and with some violin added to the snaking riffs, the track achieves an extra vagabond feel.

The Satyricon-flavoured ‘From Fog’ and the mellow acoustic picking of ‘Metanoia’ brings to a close an album than can be considered an immersive hour long journey rather than merely a collection of songs.

…and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the time goes.

‘Lethean Lament’ is an excellent release. Mighty metal, but with an ethereal folk sensibility.

…Cool logo too!

Rating: 8.5/10
Reviewed by: Stuart Carroll

Review from Noizz Webzine

August 1, 2017
From: Noizz Webzine
Published: July 31, 2017

El sello canadiense Hypnotic Dirge Records vuelve a sorprendernos gratamente con uno de sus recientes lanzamientos en este 2017, el nuevo disco de la banda norteamericana de Atmospheric Black Metal MAVRADOXA, el cual lleva por título “Lethean Lament” y viene presentado en un exquisito digipack que viste un artwork de lo más apropiado para meter en el ambiente propicio al oyente. Se trata del segundo álbum de este dúo compuesto po...

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Review from Heavy Blog is Heavy

July 27, 2017
From: Heavy Blog is Heavy
Published: July 11, 2017

New York-based post-black metal duo Mavradoxa made a quick turnaround with the follow-up to their 2016 debut, Sojourners, a record that wore its love for Agalloch and on its metaphorical and literal sleeves. Lethean Lament picks up right where Sojourners left off, and despite the brief period between releases, Lament is a fuller, more developed, and polished version of the band, one that also benefits from a much-improved mix. Esse...

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Review from Maximum Metal

July 27, 2017
From: Maximum Metal
Published: July 11, 2017

NYC's Mavradoxa play this intricate brand of atmospheric black metal that fans of bands like Agalloch and Falls of Rauros will be more than familiar with. 4 songs that exceed 10 minutes plus in length are book ended by two beautiful instrumental tracks that provide a nice opening and closing moment for the album. With the lengthiness of the tracks, some people won't give this one much of a chance which would be a shame. Each song is a mu...

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Review from Wonderbox Metal

July 8, 2017
From: Wonderbox Metal
Published: July 7, 2017

Mavradoxa are a black metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Lethean Lament features over an hour of atmospheric black metal, played with passionate commitment and emotive grandeur.

Majestic, epic, atmospheric, melancholic…these and many other adjectives are all relevant when describing what Mavradoxa have created here, but all of them fall short until you actually listen to their music and get swept away in its rich, te...

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Review from The Metal Observer

July 6, 2017
From: The Metal Observer
Published: July 5, 2017

Hot on the heels of their impressive debut, Sojourners, Rochester, New York’s return with their sophomore effort, Lethean Lament, which was recently released through Hypnotic Dirge Records. Where as their debut focused on a cold and frost-laden sound, their latest effort sees the rains, lush vegetation, and green soundscapes of spring time. The album’s six tracks sprawl across over an hour of atmospherically charged black metal; ...

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Review from Buffalo's Metal Blog

June 24, 2017
From: Buffalo's Metal Blog
Published: June 22, 2017

Our metal scene has become something of a treasure trove of atmospheric black metal bands over the past few years. Bands like Enthauptung (Buffalo), Sertraline (Buffalo) and Mavradoxa (Rochester) are at the forefront of a growing movement of truly inspirational, nature driven music, fueled by dark, foreboding atmospheres. Mavradoxa’s 2nd album, Lethean Lament, is no exception to these standards.

When we last discussed this band, ...

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Review from Metal Bandcamp

June 24, 2017
From: Metal Bandcamp
Published: June 22, 2017

I'm a sucker for bands that fall under the broad umbrella of "atmospheric black metal." I'll listen to it all day long with a smile on my face. It's my Kryptonite. So it's even more exciting when something truly remarkable raises itself above the rest of the field, and Mavradoxa's second album, Lethean Lament, does just that.

The album opener, "Cicadan," is a perfectly pleasant acoustic intro, complete with violin, but it only hints at t...

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Review from Deadly Storm Zine

June 20, 2017
From: Deadly Storm Zine
Published: June 18, 2017

Nebývá častým zvykem, abych se opájel atmosférickým black metalem, ale když mi přišla na recenzi nová deska amerických MAVRADOXA, ztratil jsem se v nekonečnu. Bylo to jako pohlazení drsným smirkovým papírem po obličeji. Vznášel jsem se na chmurných motivech jako můra kolem lampy. Shořel jsem, několikrát, sám v sobě. Musel jsem ven, protože tahle hudba je určena na dlouhé procházky po lesních pěšinác...

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Review from Occult Black Metal Zine

June 9, 2017
From: Occult Black Metal Zine
Published: June 9, 2017

Mavradoxa  are  a  band from  New  York  that  plays  an  atmospheric  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their 2017  album  "Lethean  Lament"  which  will  be  released  on  June  22nd  by  Hypnotic  Dirge  Records.

  Classical  guitars  start  off  the  album  and  they  also  give  the  music  some  progressive  and  folk  touches  along  with  some  stringed  instruments  and  after  the  intro  the  music ...

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 Released: June 22, 2017
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