Galaktik Cancer Squad - Ghost Light available now!

June 22, 2013
Galaktik Cancer Squad - Ghost Light available now!  
CD order, $5 download, free streaming

The latest album from Germany's one-man progressive black metal force Galaktik Cancer Squad, entitled Ghost Light is now available to order from Hypnotic Dirge Records. As usual, the album is available in CD or digital version and is also available for free streaming in its entirety!

From the vacuous depths of space, the great pathogenic force of Galaktik Cancer Squad will once again return to haunt the aural realms of the earth with their first ever physical release, ‘Ghost Light.’ An ambitious one-man project from Germany, Galaktik Cancer Squad was formed by Arwohn in 2011 and has to the point before Ghost Light released four albums digitally. Aggressive, and experimental post-black metal with cacophonous discordant vocals combine with moments of soaring post-rock melancholy that make you soar to other dimensions. Simultaneously mind-bending and sky-searing, Galaktik Cancer Squad on a physical medium for the first time ever captures the best of the project yet. Extremely well-written and forward thinking experimental black metal, embrace summer, sun, and the galaktik cancer squad!

"Ghost Light" has received a lot of nice feedback from the press so far, including the following from these 'zines:

The blurbs I’ve seen for this album tag it as progressive black metal and while this is definitely the primary style there is also a little bit of death metal in there too, as the album closer “Hypnose” had some elements that reminded me quite a bit of technical/progressive death metal. But it really doesn’t matter what you categorize the more aggressive elements of Ghost Light as, because what will truly grab most people is the interplay between the harsh and melodic instrumentals. Galaktik Cancer Squad starts off with fast paced assaults and layers swirling melodies over top of them that twist and turn in a truly captivating manner. But Argwohn doesn’t stop there, as rather than simply making this another release of “atmospheric black metal” the melodic sections hop between different genres as well. There are moments that head into a post rock type of tranquility, and others that almost go full-on prog and have a very spacey feel. Each of the five songs has surprises in store for listeners, and despite the longer running times it never feels as though any of these ideas overstay their welcome. Ghost Light has been produced in such a way that gives it a perfect mixture of intensity and atmosphere, upping the noise level during the denser assaults and scaling back when the melodies take over.
-Cosmos Gaming; Music Reviews

Progression, aggression, power, speed, somber melancholic post black and rock influences and more is what you get in this new wormhole of dark matter opus.  Starting off with the turbulent sounds of Ethanol Nebula, holy hard hitting drums and killer riffage. Already on the start, the music will have you head banging to and fro.  While the riffs are pretty much aggressive one can also pin point the melancholic touches as it resonates with the sound.  A nice mixture of the two to create Ethanol Nebula which is a paramount way to start this cosmic, hard crushing, mind bending journey to the stars and beyond.  When the void whispers my name brings forth the more beautiful and softer moments of the sound of GCS but still keeping that aggressive and heavy mentality alive.  Clean guitars parts, killer tremolo picking, various tempo changes, blast beats, never really an insipid moment on this track.  The black void in the the infinite skies will even be amazed at this sound and would want to embrace it as their own.  
-Desolation Infinite Blogspot

With four full-length releases in less than 3 years, today we have one man project Galaktik Cancer Squad and ‘their’ latest opus: “Ghost Light”. Pushing the boundaries of Black Metal with their visionary music, “Ghost Light” keeps things rolling for the band with five devastating tracks of crushing Black Metal with amazing Progressive elements and melodic influences. With over 50 minutes of music, this release has some very harsh and brutal Black Metal sections that puts the band ahead of their competition, rather than just focusing on copying bands like Enslaved, GSC has their own unique style of destruction.
-Infernal Masquerade Webzine

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Galaktik Cancer Squad releases track 'In Lichterlosen Weiten'

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From the vacuous depths of space, the great pathogenic force of Galaktik Cancer Squad will once again return to haunt the aural realms of the earth with their first ever physical release, ‘Ghost Light.’ An ambitious one-man project ...

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Published: May 24, 2013

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the project for those that have never heard of you before?
Galaktik Cancer Squad starts as experimental black metal project that doesn't give a damn about rules, trends or other kinds of guidelines in music. I tried to push the musical freedom of black metal as far as possible to create extreme atmospheres and catchy soundscapes.

2. How would you describe your m...

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