Photos of the new Symbiosis/Ancient Split CD+DVD

April 7, 2010
Here are some photos from the new Symbiosis/Ancient Tundra Split CD+DVD - These Engulfing Winds Never Die

You can order a copy at this location:

Photobucket ~Skog HDR

Ancient Tundra/Hypnotic Dirge Records interview with Voltage Media (01/30/2010)

February 1, 2010
Interview with Voltage Media 01/30/2010 - You can view the interview at its original location at this location. - Voltage Media - A Conversation with Nick Skog

Hypnotic Dirge Records is a Canadian label specialising in the release of Depressive Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Funeral Doom, Down-tempo and Experimental music. Starting its operations in October of 2008, HDR already works with an amazing roster of ambient and experimental proje...

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Ancient Tundra appears in 'Die Herrlichkeit der Nature: Winter' Compilation album

December 22, 2009

Die Herrlichkeit der Natur

1. Vinterriket - Irrlichterscheinung
2. Exkvad - Queen of Snow
3. Appalachian Winter - Call of the Lonesome Wind
4. Winternacht - Winds of Desolation
5. Melankolia - Within Eclipse
6. Ancient Tundra - The Natural Landscape of December
7. Nakjaarna - We Sleep In A Dead Lake
8. Winterleyd - Der Tod Eines...
9. Intense Nature - A Song To Hibernate
10. Infernal Invocation - Entering The Crypts of Unholyness
11. Aldaaron - Seigneur de l'Hiver
12. Deadwood - White Tears Gently Touc...

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Ancient Tundra Casette Tapes released!

November 25, 2009

Ancient Tundra "the natural landscape of december/the feeble sickness & depressive rot" ..

- Drawing inspiration from nature is one thing, but Ancient Tundra has dedicated his soul to creating icy landscapes through ambient black metal style synth and trance like depressive moods. Two triumphant tracks from the previously released "requiems of a world lost" area featured on chrome cassettes, with full color artwork and printed labels. edition of 30.

YOU CAN BUY A COPY AT THIS LINK: http:../../....

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Ancient Tundra Compilation Apperances

October 16, 2009
This blog is meant to highlight the compilation releases and collaborations with other artists that Ancient Tundra has participated in. This blog will be regularily updated as more compilation appearances occur!

Latest Update - 08/03/09

'Why I Remember' 2CD Worldwide Ambient/Industrial Compilation Album
Released: May 2009


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Collaboration track with 'Proxenus'

August 11, 2009
I am pleased to announce the results of a recent collaboration between Ancient Tundra and Proxenus is now available for listening! I am in the process of finding compilation albums to release this track on.
Please read the post below from Proxenus in it's original form, and head over to the Proxenus Page have a listen.
The link is:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: PROXENUS (436282245)
To: (419022822)
Date: 10/08/2009 6:38:21 AM
Subject: ‘An Ex...

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The Desolation of an Arctic Landscape is SOLD OUT

July 29, 2009

After over a year in circulation since the debut album was re-released by EEE Recordings on June 6th, 2008, and almost 2 years after the original pressing by Dead Moon Records (RIP) the debut Ancient Tundra has officially sold out!

The album is no longer available on EEE Recordings and has sold out of the Hypnotic Dirge Records Distro earlier tonight. Thanks goes out to Kevin Vigeant from St-Dominique, QC , Canada for purchasing the final copy!

You may still be able to find the album from a ...

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Final Mastered Tracks uploaded on myspace!

July 16, 2009
The main bulk of the profile has been updated to better represent the newer developments of Ancient Tundra, Check it out!

Pictures have also been reorganized and there are a couple new ones in there as well.

But most importantly, have uploaded four tracks from the upcoming split albums uploaded on the profile in its final mix as I just received the master copy from Andrea Marutti yesturday!

The updated/final tracks (as they will appear on the CD) that have been uploaded are:

From: Equinox (Old Fo...

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Old Forgotten Lands / Ancient Tundra - Equinox

June 27, 2009
Old Forgotten Lands / Ancient Tundra - Equinox

Old Forgotten Lands
I - Five Eagles Defied the Winds
II - The Fallen Oak, The Resting Stone
III - Tempestuous Retaliation
Ancient Tundra
IV - Visions of Tomorrow
V - And Silence Finally Prevails...
VI - Wandering Along A Lonely Path
VII - Fade [Ambient Mix]

Available September 2nd, 2009

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Looking for a Music Video Creater/Director

June 2, 2009

As some of you may know, I have a Pro CD/DVD split release with Symbiosis coming up in September entitled 'These Engulfing Winds Never Die'

Featured on the DVD on my side thus far are 3 music videos, a screenshow, and a Nature Scenes Montage.

The Music Videos are for the tracks:

I Walk Through Vast White Fields
Land of the Midnight Sun
And Silence Finally Prevails...

I am interested in adding another music video to the DVD in which an outside 'director' creates the concept, films it, and edits the...

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