Review from Wonderbox Metal

May 19, 2020
From: Wonderbox Metal
Published: May 19, 2020 

This is the third album from US black metallers Feral Light.

Feral Light play a mix of black metal and post-metal, with touches of doom and hard rock. Life Vapor offers up 39 minutes of easily-digested blackness.

The band aren’t short of riffs, frequently adopting a black ‘n’ roll approach. It’s surprisingly catchy stuff, and Feral Light clearly know how to write a good song. Merged with the atmosphere of post-metal and the blackened bite of the second wave, Life Vapor is an easy album to get on board with.

A combination of grim dissonance, melodic appeal, and the aforementioned riffs work to make the songs enjoyably approachable. They’re well-written and contain plenty to hook the listener quite firmly. All of the tracks are 5+ minutes in length; the band use the duration wisely, letting the songs breathe into their spaces, while reining them in if they threaten to become unfocused.

I enjoyed this a lot. It packs a lot of meaty content into 39 minutes, both of the instant appeal variety, and the slower burning atmospheric kind. if you’re a fan of blackened, hooked metallic darkness, then Life Vapor is one to check out, and makes an addictive listen.

Review from Musipedia of Metal

May 19, 2020
From: Musipedia of Metal
Published: May 16, 2020 

Feral Light have been making music since 2015, in that time the duo have made 2 other albums; debut album Void/Sanctuary in 2017 and Fear Rides A Shadow in 2019. Feral Light is made up of Andrew Reeson on drums and Andy Schoengrund on guitar, bass and vocals, the band is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Feral Light play a fairly simple style of Black metal, this is at the opposite end of the Black metal spectrum to anything that cou...

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Review from Grizzly Butts

May 19, 2020
From: Grizzly Butts
Published: May 16, 2020 

A primal ray of inspiration, fractally dispersed to impose greater darkness, best serves those who’ve lived in adaptive and necessarily untoward stasis. Bleak and shadowy forms serve as great cooling pools to slink between — Away from death and the brevity of hapless existential crises any above-average sentience’d naturally incur. With all manner of cursed dark mirror angled to invoke the moon’s light and reveal visions of dead ...

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Review from Streetclip

May 15, 2020
From: Streetclip
Published: May 14, 2020

Das hardcore-geerdete Black Metal-Duo FERAL LIGHT hatte kürzlich still und leise mit ´Walking Tomb´ einen appetitanregenden Track ihres Albums ´Life Vapor´ veröffentlicht – und prompt ging das Teil steil via Twitter in den USA. Dort ist die Szene, anders als in Europa, nicht so sehr Panda-Schminke-Wacken-durchtränkt, sondern natürlich verwachsen im Hardcore. No frills, just skills. Diese klischeeferne Basis hat sich gefreut, dass F...

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 Released: May 22, 2020
Genre: Black Metal / Blackened Crust


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