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January 18, 2010
Interview with Neige et Noirceur

Hi Spiritus. How are you? Not so bad.

Can you give the readers a short description of where Neige et Noirceur stands for? Arts… black arts. Winter arts. I like to create music. Not to copy. You know, Im alone in this project. And I don’t want to stay in one gender of black metal. Im a big fan of drone, doom, ambient and all of things which embrace the blackmetal spectrum. So, with neige et noirceur, you are sure to taste good black, but good dark ambient and doom metal too. It stills always me behind that, so you will ever find the same texture, the same creepy sound.. the same spirit.

You’re a one person project. Can you tell us why? I had a lot of band before. Its cool, you got gigs and partys.. Alone, you just do what you want to listen. ..dark things …with my own influences, not which one of everyone else of a band.

Your single is out since June 24th. How did people respond on that? Your talking about Thanatonaut!? It’s a cool single. Initially, it was for a noise project I had recorded this piece. This was not planned to be release as a digital EP. And things goes on differently and nicely. To answer your question, I believe that an underground community have discovered me. An environment that is not necessarily fan of black metal, but are more noisy, ambient, experimental, but get closer by the dark and artistic sense…

How did you get in contact with Hypnotic Dirge Records? Are you happy that you get involved in the label? Its Skog who contact me. He is very nice. He works hard for us. And the most important, he believes in us. So I believe in him.

You have a great feeling for cosmic and folklore subjects. Where does that come from and how do you place it into your musical products? Cosmic… I'm very spiritual. I like signs, symbols, all the great oeuvre d’arts. And, Im a big fan of darkspace and other new stuff in black metal. They made something new, but in a good way. I don’t have nothing against experimental black metal who insert jazz or prog influences or… I don’t know. It s ok for some. But, its useless… For me, only few one in blackmetal’s scene have the touch, the art to reinvent black metal.

For the folklore subject in my music… only Black metal can do it. Its my culture. Im Quebecer. And i very proud to be french. We are so few in America to speak French again. You just cannot imagine.. So, Ill do all my lyrics in French. But not for thanatonaut. Thanatonaut is the only one to date, to be written in English. No reason.

In what conditions do you compose your music? When I’m home alone… day or night.. But, there is some moment I scared myself in the basement. When recording goes a little too far.. I heard voices in the amplifier. Its on the end of the song L’Éveil dans la mort. And on the demo VII : Philosophie des arts occultes, in the song Ouija, I recorded samples of dark stuff from the web,… and I saw some short movie that I wish to forget.. In fact, all in this demo convert to the wicked…All of the lyrics I scream in Rituel incantatoire du grimoire du sorcier is take from a magic formula… But for the rest of my record, it’s more an epic feeling from my landscape than a deep oppression from the evil who guide my music. I wish.

You say you use a 4 track Yamaha to record your music. Why do you use that equipment and has it got to be harsh? Oh. It’s when I feel it.With the 4 tracks, I recorded demo III, IV and Tanatonaut. But I still helped by my friend the computer… for the other and futur release, I used a beat box. Its faster than I can play drums.

What do you hope to reach with your music? Are there personal reasons attached to it? it's a way of letting off steam. And, its art. My art, my way to create dark metal.

What can we expect from Neige et Noirceur in the future? A lot of thing. Its like drugs. 2 more releases to come. Demo VIII : La seigneurie des loups with a folklorish background, its almost done... and demo IX – no name, : Ive been records all the base tracks.. so 2 greats albums to come.. expect something speed to hell.

Do you have a message to the Dutch readers? A big hail from Quebec. Salutation a vous! Hope you will appreciate my art and spread the name. thanks!

New Release: Philosophie des arts occultes

October 28, 2009

Nouvelles sorties :
Philosophie des arts occultes
1) Loudun - 5:40
2) Rituel Incantatoir du grimoire du sorcier - 10:40
3) Ouija - 8:06

Sous la bannière de Brise-Cul Records cd-r dans une pochette de plastique. pochette version grise. Voir le site

Sortira sous peu sur l'étiquette canadienne Alien8 en version digital. Pochette version noire. Voir le site (

L'album le plus sombre fait par Neige et Noirceur jusqu'a ce jour. Basé sur un passag...

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Neige et Noirceur to be featured on RadioCanada!

August 21, 2009
Big news to all of the Neige et Noirceur listeners around the world for this special announcement!

Neige et Noirceur will be featured on CBC Radio Canada, which is a national radio station broadcasted throughout the country with hundreds of thousands of listeners every day!

Neige et Noirceur will be featured on a new radio show showcasing many different types of 'rock' music spaning all genres including black metal, pop-punk, and everything in between, mainstream or underground!

Personally I t...

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Thanatonaut 'Digital Release'

June 22, 2009

Neige et Noirceur is releasing a digital album tomorrow through Alien8Records based in Montreal, Canada.

The download however, is not free. The price is $4.99 and is available to buy through this link:

Drone / Ambient / doom metal
This album only available online through Alien8records
1 track for 18 minutes : A dark journey flew afar with the navigator of death.

part 1) Le Tunnel
part 2) Exprérience de Mort Évidente
part 3) Interférence Astral
part 4) ...

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Upcoming Releases!

June 22, 2009

Démo VI - Thanatonaut
The last Neige et Noirceur's demo has been set up under the label Alien8Records Montreal. The album is available for now in digital format only. For some dollars, you got the mp3 and artwork in pdf format. Its only one piece of Drone doom metal of 18 minutes long. Getting through various dark and gloomy movements dark. Embraced by a heavy astral atmosphere. A neverending journey throught death.

Démo VII - La Seigneurie des Loups
After touching the heaviness of t...

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