Review from Ave Noctum

July 15, 2019
From: Ave Noctum
Published: July 15, 2019

Although I’m writing about this in the summertime the Damp Chill Of Life is never far away waiting to cast its arthritic pall on proceedings. Masters of depressive and atmospheric doomed blackness, USA based shadowy entities None are back with their 3rd album. Thanks to label Hypnotic Dirge they have been casting their cold misery on me since 1st self-titled album in 2017 and with ‘Life Has Gone On Long Enough’ following in 2018 it seems like there is enough sorrow to spread on a yearly basis. We might not know exactly who is in the (rumoured to be a duo) band but they certainly seem to have a quick working ethos.  The excellent nature inspired frosty and pine-scented artwork sets things up perfectly, even on the hottest day, one look at it is enough to make one shiver and the music is waiting just behind it to chill the listener to the bone. Fear not though there is a heated glow within for those who make it inside and stoke a fire, some may fall to the elements to freeze and remain till the great thaw but there is a bit of hope here and the gorgeous tones and melody of the music may yet warm the cockles.

After gradually fading into this barren wilderness courtesy of a short atmospheric instrumental we arrive at the mammoth 10 minute title track. It’s a journey that is instantly mesmerising catching you like startled deer caught in headlights on a deserted road before the vehicle ploughs into it bringing doom to nature and its trespasser. Atmospheric doom is the musical mainframe but when the vocals gradually rasp in the blackness is delivered with a barren and misanthropic sense of gloom and hate. Melody is strong and involving, this is not fast but the pace is gentle as it slowly crushes the will to exist burying you in its folds. The tempo picks up and drums power away, the sombre tones envelope and the slow death of what we have arrived at has its beauty as everything decays. Tracks are allowed to flow into each other without pause making this a numbing continuous piece of music and ‘Cease’ is at first a minimalistic piece of throbbing drone with piano keys being singly hit before the great wilderness is confronted and everything drops into place with cinematic clarity. The grace of the keyboard work here is excellent and the move from fragility to the full body of the track is handled with poise and precision. Vocals coming in is the icing on the frosty cake and the whole thing is lush as it sparkles and gleams.

I have no idea what it was but ‘You Did A Good Thing’ strikes as a moonlight sonata with keyboard calming things right down and providing a midway point along with some sudden spoken samples adding an argumentative DSBM feel to the otherwise placid piece.  ‘It’s Painless To Let Go’ continues this narrative, challenging to question the pain of existence with fuzzy guitars trembling with the essence of Burzum and a sudden drop into the depths of sorrow with howling heartfelt vocal cries and mesmerising melody. With languid guitar solo and poetic verse this pretty much is a master-class of depressiveness and although the album MUST be listened to as a whole is possibly its pinnacle point. Acoustic fretwork and Morricone Western keyboard melody build a gorgeous bridge paving the way from ‘I Yearn To Feel’ to final number ‘A Chance I’d Never Have’ and yes the song-titles may suggest shuffling off this mortal coil the best solution but don’t be pushed into hanging up that gun quite yet, if you have made it this far your days of slinging are not yet over. Besides that would mean missing the finale, which is a fittingly glorious one.

Everything about this album is pretty much perfect right down to its 44 minute running time. None have yet again proven class and majesty and reminded that winter is just round the corner in the process. Embrace the sun going out below.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Pete Woods

Review from The Headbanging Moose

July 13, 2019
From: The Headbanging Moose
Published: July 11, 2019

Since their introduction in the spring of 2017, the enigmatic and anonymous Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal unity NONE, from Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, has crafted disturbing and emotionally devastating music that have garnered the attention of many listeners of the genre. After having released their self-titled debut opus on April 11, 2017, a thick shroud of piercing guitar interwoven with haunting synth and ...

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Review from Metal Addicts

July 13, 2019
From: Metal Addicts
Published: July 3, 2019

What would happen if Pink Floyd and Slayer musically meet? I really don’t know but None with “Damp Chill of Life” may be considered the lost link between them in an enormous variety of ways. None show us that the sweet and tender may be affected by the acid and hard in order to make a very different kind of music that disturbs the laymen. It disturbs because the main idea is to write sweet melodies in the most common facet to then s...

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Review from Aristocrazia Webzine

July 1, 2019
From: Aristocrazia Webzine
Published: June 30, 2019

Se per la maggioranza di noi l’11 aprile non ricopre un significato particolare, così non deve essere per gli anonimi musicisti dietro al progetto None. Negli ultimi tre anni, puntuali come un orologio, hanno infatti scelto questa data per pubblicare il nuovo materiale, che nel 2019 è stato raccolto sotto il titolo Damp Chill Of Life. Nessun tipo di informazione traspare dalla consultazione del libretto, niente testi o foto ch...

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Review from Metal Temple

May 20, 2019
From: Metal Temple
Published: May 17, 2019 

If the readers watched “Lords of Chaos”, you all can understand that many standard features of Black Metal scene were born from a fundamentalist insight in music and in the way a Metalhead must be. Today, many of those ways aren’t used anymore, but from time to time, someone resurrects something from the past. And NONE did it on “Damp Chill of Life”. The band members didn’t show their names, signing just as “anonymous” (th...

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Review from Grizzly Butts

May 12, 2019
From: Grizzly Butts
Published: May 3, 2019

Too often popular music treats depression as if it were a strike of lightning, or an extra-sensorial event, entirely separate from whatever normative state unaffected folks feign on a daily basis. The bend of a string, a weeping vocal affect, or a descent into downtempo swooning offer a simplified and fetishistic treatment of sorrow that is altogether inhumane in its core assumption. As if a leaking anesthetic gas tamed by an open window t...

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Review from In Your Eyes Zine

May 2, 2019
From: In Your Eyes Webzine
Published: May 1, 2019

LNone è il nome di un progetto atmospheric black del quale poco si sa, se non il fatto che la sua provenienza è la sempre fertile per queste sonorità terra statunitense.

Damp Chill of Life è il terzo full length che, come quelli usciti nel 2017 e nel 2018, è stato pubblicato puntualmente l’11 aprile, data che evidentemente riveste un significato preciso per questo musicista (probabile infatti che si tratti di un solo project)....

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Review from

April 29, 2019
Published: April 26, 2019 

Scrivere questa recensione mi risulta particolarmente difficile.
Difficile, se non impossibile, tramutare in parole il pesantissimo carico di emozioni che un disco come "Damp Chill of Life" è in grado di suscitare in modo così straziante.
I "solchi" di questo album hanno poco a che fare con la semplice musica ed il loro contenuto travalica qualsiasi genere per arrivare a toccare l'animo di tutti coloro i quali si nutrono di dolore, tristezz...

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Review from Metal Bulletin

April 14, 2019
From: Metal Bulletin
Published: April 13, 2019

None is “depressive black metal”—subgenre that is stubbornly unwilling to disappear despite the merciless derision and criticism coming from some quarters—and it’s presumably a human alone working in a hu/wo/it/man/cave somewhere in the state of Oregon, U.S., where it is grey, cold, cloudy and rainy, and where, to add insult to injury, the beaches do not even warm up during the months of July and August, so there might as wel...

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Review from Chama do Metal

April 14, 2019
From: Chama Do Metal
Published: April 12, 2019

Lançado neste ano de 2019, The Damp Chill of Life é o terceiro álbum do projeto anônimo intitulado “None”. Trata-se de um projeto de Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal estadunidense, “misterioso”, diga-se de passagem. Sem delongas, o álbum é bem característico, tendo maior foco justamente na atmosfera, como apresentado pela faixa “You Did a Good Thing”, sem a presença do tradicional trio guitarra/baixo/bateria. Os t...

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 Released: April 11, 2019
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Genre: Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal