Review from Infernal Masquerade

April 1, 2021
From: Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Published: March 31, 2021

Canada continues to impress us with their constantly growing Black Metal scene, today we have one-man outfit Nordicwinter with “Sorrow”. Being the band’s fourth full-length release, this release unravels nearly one hour of highly melancholic Atmospheric BM, filled with mournful and doomy passages. If you like heavily emotional music that combines both lush atmospheric arrangements and savage onslaughts of harshness, you are in the right place.

The album sets a very hypnotic and tempered mood with the start of “Somber Winds Of Despair (Part I)”. As this song progresses we are treated to wonderful harsh shrieks paired with melancholic guitars and a very restrained tempo. We particularly enjoy the overly dramatic atmospheric keyboards that nicely envelop the slow and painful distorted riffs. Creating a very dense and yet lush atmosphere, tracks like “Sullen Echoes” and “This Mournful Dirge” are very immersive, as we foundouselves getting lost in their magical misery-inducing atmosphere.

There is also plenty of brutality in this release, and one of the best examples is the pummeling “In This Darkness…” and its aggressive BM onslaughts. Being huge fans of Doom Metal releases, we enjoy the sweeping doomy riffs of pieces like “Dying Winters” and “Somber Winds Of Despair (Part II)” as they create a nice contrast to the harsh screams and more traditional BM elements of the band’s music.

After an atmospheric instrumental closer, we find ourselves wanting to play “Sorrow” over and over again, to discover more of its intricacies and hidden details. If you like craft music that is both melancholic and punishing, Nordicwinter is one of those bands that falls right in that category. Be prepared to be fully immersed into the band’s misery inducing vibe with this excellent release.

Rating: 93/100

Review from Brothers in Raw

March 30, 2021
From: Brothers in Raw
Published: March 29, 2021

Het Canadese éénmansproject Nordicwinter is met Sorrow toe aan een vierde volwaardige release. Desondanks trap ik met veel misplaatst drama een open deur in als ik stel dat het project weinig bekendheid geniet. Ik spendeer behoorlijk wat grijze avonden op een jaar grasduinend doorheen al het goede en minder goede dat op Bandcamp te vinden is, maar op Nordicwinter was ik nog niet gebotst. Het duurde tot Hypnotic Dirge Records in 2020...

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Review from Edmund Sackbauer

March 30, 2021
From: Metal-Archives Review
Published: March 29, 2021

Nordicwinter is another great project from the Québec area. However, if you came into this expecting the trademark sound from this region you might end up being surprised. While a lot of the more well known bands from over there rely on fast tremolo runs and catchy lead melodies Nordicwinter is a different beast. Mournful harmonies and epic soundscapes are paired with deep emotions and a certain level of melancholy. To a certai...

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Review from Angry Metal Guy

March 30, 2021
From: Angry Metal Guy
Published: March 29, 2021

The erudite doctor known about these parts as Doom_et_Al recently wrote: “We can ramble on all day about clever technical flourishes, dissonant chords, and foreboding atmospheres, but when all is said and done, we metalheads respect the almighty riff.” Frankly, it’s pretty hard to argue with him but it does present a problem for those of us – including Dr Doom and myself – who are atmoblack fans, since this subgenre is not n...

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Review from Hellfire Magazin

March 30, 2021
From: Hellfire Magazin
Published: March 24, 2021

2006 startet „Evillair“ sein Soloprojekt „Nordicwinter“. Das zu rezensierende aktuelle Werk hat drei Full Length Vorgänger. „Threnody“ (2007), „Requiem“ und „Desolation“ (2020). Zwei Longplayer in nur einem Jahr, Chapeau, und noch dazu in einem durch Corona verseuchten Jahr.

Und gleich schon zum Frühlingsanfang ein Masterpiece, was ich absolut nach dem ersten Hör-Durchlauf für mich behaupten kann. Sieben Tracks...

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Review from Wonderbox Metal

March 25, 2021
From: Wonderbox Metal
Published: March 25, 2021

This is the fourth album from Canadian one-man black metal act Nordicwinter.

After enjoying 2020’s Desolation, I was pleased to see another work from this artist so quickly. Sorrow contains 53 minutes of atmospheric/depressive black metal.

No secret – I’m a big fan of this sort of style, especially when it’s done as well as it is here. The well-written music on Sorrow just oozes depth and quality, and the artist behind this band...

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 Released: March 26, 2021
Genre: Depressive Black Metal


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