Review from Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 5

June 17, 2013
From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 5
November 2013
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Most of the time when I have an encounter with bands from Russia, they have some specific vibe to their music. Probably, the usage of their native language might partly have something to do with that, though this is not the main factor probably. It’s hard to describe it in words. Not that it is very fascinating or appealing, but it’s different. This is especially felt in Black Metal coming from Eastern Europe. It seems as if there is an attempt to create a sort of hypnotic aspect and at the same time trying to drown the listener into melancholy soaked atmosphere. One could probably say this just about any Atmospheric Black Metal band, but I believe Eastern Europeans have their own approach, quite different from let’s say German or French bands for instance. This is the exact case with Epitimia from Saint Petersburg, a relatively young band, presenting their third full-length. Their music could be classified as mildly experimental slow Atmospheric Black Metal, with some moderate Post-Rock influences. And while the music is more or less decent in that matter, though, being a bit too primitive and seemingly underdeveloped in some places, the whole experience is greatly ruined by the unbalanced mix of the record.
“Faces of Insanity” sounds just flat and that’s its main flaw. Given that it is an Atmospheric Metal band, it is rather unjustifiable that there is a lack of room and wideness, which is so required for this sort of music. Everything sounds as if was rendered in mono, except for the drums, and this decision sounds more than strange. Enough said, technical issues sometimes might just diminish the perception of essence and compromise the idea of what the band wants to deliver. Probably this album would have given much more than it did due to this obstacle. Hopefully the guys from Epitimia will consider this aspect to be not so unimportant in their future recordings.

Reviewed by: Skol

Review from Violent Solutions Webzine

May 15, 2013
From: Violent Solutions Webzine
: May 15, 2013
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*Google translation of French review

Epitimia is Russian, he practices a BM air quality, let us input. Hosted by the Hypnotic Dirge Records, Faces of insanity is their Third full-length in five years of existence. Upon intro, the foundations are laid. The sound is excellent (for a Russian group ...), deep, hot über organic to wish all the instruments off perfectly, the voice sounds far away in echo, as if carried by the wind. ...

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Review from Pitchline Zine

April 11, 2013
From: Pitchline Zine
Published: April 11, 2013
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*Google translation of Spanish review

The adventures of this trio russian dating back to 2008, the year from which epitimia has continued to edit and publish new material, made ​​the other, has been pass bill. With three studio albums as relevant material, is with the latter, especially, with whom the band has fallen squarely on the topics and even in the field of emulation. While not a bad album, 'Faces of Insanity' did not get my ...

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Review from Necromance Webzine

March 29, 2013
From: Necromance Webzine
Published: March 27, 2013
*Google translation of Spanish review
The music that the Russians epitimia offer us in this "Faces of Insanity" is not black metal, or Doom, or post-rock ... but it also has features of all these styles in his compositions groupedso this is a work that will be difficult to digest input, I recommend you listen if you have the chance because you end up going. 9 are the cuts that compose it and that has been released through Hypnotic ...

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Review from Burning Black Webzine

January 17, 2013
From: Burning Black Webzine
Published: January 16, 2013
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*Google translation of Spanish review

 Russian Epitima is a band formed in 2008, In These four years of existence the band released three albums along with a demo an some splits, "Faces Of Insanity" is an third Their latest work ... Just by checking the album's cover you'll get an idea about the kind of music you'll find in here; epitimia here delivers an emotive and atmospheric form of Black Metal combined with some more tradi...

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Review from Don't count on it Reviews

December 27, 2012
From: Don't count on it Reviews
December 25, 2012
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My relationship with Russian bands has really decreased in the last year. When I first started this blog, I remember that I covered a lot of really bad Russian one-man groups and last year I covered a handful as well, this year I don't think I've covered all that many. With Hypnotic Dirge releasing this album though, I did have faith that this would be worth hearing though.
Honestly, I wasn't quite sold on this album wh...

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Review from Pest Webzine

December 22, 2012
From: Pest Webzine/Slowly We Rot Issue 3
Published: December 20, 2012
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I remember 2 years ago I have reviewed Epitimia's debut album but this is already their third full-length so the Russian trio seems pretty productive. And luckily enough in their case productive doesn't mean lack of quality, in fact this third album is much better than their debut, they have developed from a Depressive Black Metal with good potential to an almost mature Ambient Black Metal outfit with solid compo...
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Review from Ave Noctum

November 6, 2012
From: Ave Noctum 
Published: November 6, 2012
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Epitimia is an odd boundary-testing band but one which is also strangely accessible. Nothing I’ve read so far has been quite able to place a finger on their sound. It mixes together elements of the black metal spectrum, particularly the vocals and tremolo guitars, with a bit of catchy doom guitar soloing spliced in and the obligatory use of the word ‘post’ in there somewhere to explain the more free flipping between genres and mor...

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Review from Metal Delirium

November 4, 2012
From: Metal Delirium
Published: November 1, 2012
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Epitimia’s Faces Of Insanity is just the kind of music I enjoy listening to as the seasons change and the weather begins to get colder. It’s dark, atmospheric black metal that just fits it well. The first track, the instrumental “Reminiscentia,” sets the tone for the album. It features frenzied screams behind ice cold melody that carries a somber tone. Although the lyrics aren’t in English, the mood and atmosphere help conv...

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Review from Midwinter Fires Webzine

November 4, 2012
From: Midwinter Fires Webzine
Published: October 25, 2012
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Epitimia managed to capture immediately my full attention, since the first time I approached “Faces of Insanity”. When I started listening to the first notes of “Reminescentia” I felt instantaneously took away towards a black hole of profound, emotional tunes. Before going on I preferred to enjoy that beautiful sensation several times, to fully enter Epitimia’s universe. A good idea, I must say. I crossed the black...

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