Review from Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6

September 25, 2014
From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6
Published: November 2014

What’s up with DSBM nowadays? It used to be an interesting, atmospherically convincing genre with experimental tendencies and various musical influences. Now there are so many bands claiming to belong to this genre, but their music does not have an expected emotional effect; there’s too much Post-Rock and not enough depression. Windbruch is one of these types of bands. The strange thing about it is that their lyrics are said to be about melancholy, depression, but their cover features an owl next to a pine. Maybe the owl is not an optimistic bird and a dark night sky is gloomy, but we need human drama here. This issue was addressed only in the middle of the album, when the existence theme was mentioned in the lyrics.

Compositions of “No Stars, only Full Dark” are quite professionally executed, although this down tempo music does not require much effort. There are slightly too many Post-Rock components and the atmospheric part is not so convincing. However, the album’s duration was chosen wisely - seven tracks, each lasting twelve minutes long is a perfect choice for this slow, slightly monotonous, Doom-like music.

Windbruch’s album isn’t too engaging and there’s not that much Metal or atmosphere. On the other hand, people who like easy, instrumental music might enjoy “No Stars, only Full Dark” after all. 

Rating: 5/10
Reviewed by: Odium

Review from Necromance Webzine

September 25, 2014
From: Necromance Webzine
Published: September 3, 2014
*Google translation of Spanish review

From one of the most cold and desolate areas of Russia, Siberia, comes WINDBRUCH a draft Iluzii Optice, who was in charge of recording all instruments and give life to the 7 themes that confirm this work and have been edited to through the seal Hypnotic Dirge Records. A job where we will find a depressive black metal and slow cut, heavily influenced by the atmosphere of the place of residence...

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Review from Teeth of the Divine Webzine

September 25, 2014
From: Teeth of the Divine Webzine
Published: September 3, 2014

Canada’s Hypnotic Dirge Records is really carving a niche out in the style of the label’s namesake, and their three early 2014 releases from Epitimia, In My Shiver and Russia’s one man project Windbruch are no exception.

No Stars, Only Full Dark is the second album from sole member Illuzii Optice, who performs all of the instruments, and it fits in line perfectly with all of Hypnotic Dirge’s other bands and relea...

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Review from Scholomance Webzine

September 25, 2014
From: Scholomance Webzine
Published: September 3, 2014
*Google translation of French review

Windbruch is a solo project of Depressive / Atmospheric Black Metal led by multi-instrumentalist artist, iluzii Optice his distant and cold Siberia. It was in 2009 that, "Collision of the Worlds," the first album of the One-Man Band out via Sun & Moon Records. In 2013 a split entitled "Silentium! "Made with Gmork and Depicting Abysm released by Hypnotic Dirge Records. Then in 2014, Windbruch ...

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Review from Transcending Obscurity Webzine

August 13, 2014
From: Transcending Obscurity Webzine
Published: August 2, 2014

Windbruch from Russia has released a sublime album. At first it seemed too simple and in parts saccharine for my taste. But the CD wouldn’t come out of the player because the music always seemed apt for my mood. I couldn’t get over the beautiful opening intro song The Dance of Liquid Fire and often had it tied up in a loop. The next song was another hurdle for me, simply because it was strongly reminiscent of the go...

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Review from Deaf Sparrow Webzine

August 13, 2014
From: Deaf Sparrow Webzine
Published: August 2, 2014

You can imagine from word of mouth, dirty internet forums, those days where you somehow lose an hour or two diving into Wikipedia, that Russia is a cold, wintry, place and holds the largest chunk of the world’s largest biome  (which is the source to a wonderful documentary about it available on Netflix). While Windbruch hasn’t explicitly stated that this album is to serve as the atmospheric background to conjurations of conif...

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Review from The Sound Projector

August 13, 2014
From: The Sound Projector
Published: July 30, 2014

On first hearing this album, the second by Russian one-man band Windbruch, hailing from Nizhnevartovsk in the Khanty-Mansi region in western Siberia, I get an impression of  raw and sometimes angry music, ragged and sharp in tone with a full bass backing, shaped into actual songs edged with delicate ambient sounds and tones that add touches of ice coldness.

Lone Windbruch member Iluzii Optice brings skill and imagination to craft an...

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Review from Heathen Harvest Periodical

July 21, 2014
From: Heathen Harvest Periodical
Published: July 14, 2014

Hypnotic Dirge Records is among the few labels I consider myself to be ‘following‘, so to speak. The label’s roster (and subsequent Bandcamp page) is a proverbial treasure trove of extreme and experimental music. Even the less impressive experiences I’ve had with them have been at least intriguing. I suffered little hesitation, then, when Windbruch were brought to my attention. Even if one-man atmospheric black metal...

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Review from Disfactory Webzine

June 19, 2014
From: Disfactory Webzine
Published: June 16, 2014
*Google translation of Italian review

The art of discovering never fail, never stop repeating it against the Hypnotic Dirge Records , output quality always or frequently-as in this case-"valuations" came from an earlier self. Oh yes because this No Stars, Only Full Dark was there on the sidelines, ready to move indifferent to many, if not all, because it is increasingly difficult to disentangle and move in different outputs, then the...

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Review from Rock Metal Essense Webzine

May 12, 2014
From: Rock Metal Essense Webzine
Published: May 12, 2014

It 'was released in February 2014 No Stars, Only Full Dark , the second album in the study of the formation of the Siberian atmospheric black metal Windbruch

A disk of cold atmospheric black metal, often delicate and emotional melodies in its most refined, but also capable of showcasing a good masculinity and aggression where the pace becomes more urgent or more doom, or at times when it can emerge ferocious growl of good and ...

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 Released: February 1, 2014
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