Review from The Sleeping Shaman

May 19, 2020
From: The Sleeping Shaman
Published: May 18, 2020 

Well this is a weird little entity, Hierophant Violent by Forlesen, this is not just a switch on and turn up the volume kinda deal, this is a ritual. This is a lights off, eyes closed, laying horizonal, and empty your thoughts kind of affair. If I said this was unlike anything I’ve heard before I wouldn’t be lying, it’s completely its own thing, and if you like the thought of being taken away sonically, even without the use of narcotics, then this 36 minute, two track opus will take you on that ride.

Forlesen ‘Hierophant Violent’
As there are only two tracks, it’s impossible to choose highlights; it’s safer to say that the whole experience is the highlight, the journey that unfolds is so rich and to even pick out parts is impossible.

Not so much track one, as it is the first composition, Following Light, opens with a transcendent soundscape, and I instantly feel waves of calm flow through me. It feels as if I’m floating through the universe, I’m aimless, it’s tranquil, and I feel weightless and unburdened. It softly pulses, and as a slow turbulence builds to a sudden urgency in the piece, I feel a shortness of breath.

It’s replaced by calm, it is soothing, peaceful, and I relax again, the crisp cymbals chime, like a slow heartbeat. From nowhere there’s a voice in the darkness, its ethereal, its non-threatening, and it feels as if it’s guiding me somewhat. It doesn’t last long. The calm is replaced by a tension, and the tranquillity is shattered by pulsing drums. Our starting point seems like a distant memory, do we long for a return to the calm, or follow the path into the void.

Composition two is titled Nightbridge and as I’m still recovering from Following Light, it begins. This time it’s darker, the opening vocal is more reminiscent of a chant than of anything else. It’s eerie, and invokes notions of vampires, the drums are like the rapping at a door, as if lifted from an Edgar Allan Poe fable.

this is a phenomenal piece of art, it isn’t just music, it speaks on a completely different level, it’s rich, captivating, and all consuming…

I’m awake. It feels like I’m riding the wind, no, more like I AM the wind, gently blowing over a midnight city. The haunting vocal flows through me, it calms me. But It doesn’t remain. I hang off of every sound, the drums, the guitar, those ethereal vocals, it feels like I’m being summoned home, my final days, and the end of the journey, through the portal, and into the next life.

This is broken by an intense outpouring, perhaps a reluctance to pass, the screech of the vocal, and the blast beats of resilience, the notion of unacceptance at the end of things. This breaks any ambience, its as far removed as it could be, its intense and aggressive, its urgency replaces any notions of a calm, its fiercely passionate, it pulses, and pulls me on.

We’re taken from tantric to terrifying, and back again, to the final acceptance, and as the smoke clears, I acknowledge my fate.

In all honesty, I’m blown away, this is a phenomenal piece of art, it isn’t just music, it speaks on a completely different level, it’s rich, captivating, and all consuming. To pigeon hole this into any specific category would do it no justice, it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated for what it is, and that, is a piece of art.

Review from: Lee Beamish

Review from Aristocrazia Webzine

May 19, 2020
From: Aristocrazia Webzine
Published: May 16, 2020 

I Forlesen sono un gruppo nato da tre musicisti già appartenenti ad alcune realtà molto apprezzate su Aristocrazia, quali Lotus Thief, Botanist e Kayo Dot. Partendo da questo presupposto, le aspettative erano molto alte e l’album di debutto Hierophant Violent non le delude affatto.

Le due tracce che compongono l’opera si espandono tanto in durata — circa diciotto minuti ciascuna — quanto in termini musicali, inglobando el...

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Review from Hellfire Magazine

May 15, 2020
From: Hellfire Magazine
Published: May 13, 2020

Den Preis für das hübscheste Cover des Jahres 2020 dürften FORLESEN bereits sicher haben. Doch wie hört sich die Band an, welche Musik macht sie?

Das waren eins zu eins meine Gedanken, als mich ein Freund auf das Cover hingewiesen hatte. Für mich war es direkt ein klarer Fall: Diese Band wird gehört. Wer seine Musik in ein so wunderschönes Cover verpackt, hat nicht weniger verdient. Und eh ich mich versah, trudelte HIEROPHANT VI...

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Review from Dissecting the Euphony

May 9, 2020
From: Dissecting the Euphony
Published: May 8, 2020

Forlesen merupakan band Psychedelic Doom Metal dari Bay Area, AS. Hierophant Violent adalah terbitan pertama mereka yang dikeluarkan oleh Hypnotic Dirge Records pada 18 April 2020.
Walaupun Forlesen sebagai formasi band adalah baru tetapi line-up mereka terdiri daripada pemuzik berpengalaman dan established seperti daripada Kayo Dot, Botanist dan Maudlin the Well. Jadi anda boleh expect terbitan ini sebagai well made dan bukan sepa...

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Review from Valley of Steel

May 9, 2020
From: Valley of Steel
Published: May 8, 2020

Well, seems like it’s about time to check in on what’s happening with our northern neighbors at Hypnotic Dirge. Here’s a new record they came out with within the past month — and if their history of quality releases wasn’t enough to recommend checking it out, surely that gorgeous artwork (produced by Benjamin A. Vierling) will draw you right in.

It turns out Hierophant Violent is the debut offering from a new ensemble from the S...

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Review from The Sound Not The Word

May 1, 2020
From: The Sound Not The Word
Published: April 30, 2020

Given that it contains members of Lotus Thief, Kayo Dot, Botanist, and TSNTW favourites Palace of Worms, there’s high hopes for Hierophant Violent, the debut album from Forlesen. Such background means that expectations for a challenging, adventurous listen are probably fair, and Hierophant Violent meets them in superb style. Consisting of two lengthy tracks (each is almost twenty minutes long), the album is not afraid to take...

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Review from Machine Music

May 1, 2020
From: Machine Music
Published: April 25, 2020

 I guess this is going to be one of those chill, atmospheric posts, huh? Anyhow, another wonderful proggy post-whatever release comes from Forlesen, a collective comprised of accomplished musicians such as: drummer Sam Gutterman, who played on Kayo Dot's masterpiece Choirs of the Eye, Balan of Palace of Worms and, of course, formerly of Botanist; and Alex Lindo of Botanist and Nero Order. A lot of creative firepower, in other words, one...

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Review from Invisible Oranges

April 22, 2020
From: Infernal Masquerade Magazine
Published: April 21, 2020

One of the very few advantages of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we can now work from home and listen to music non-stop. As one of the more interesting releases to creep into our inbox, today we have Forlesen and their two song, 36 minute release “Hierophant Violent”. Featuring members of Lotus Thief, Kayo Dot, Botanist, Maudlin of the Well this band creates a transcendental musical experience with a very powerful and ...

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Review from Musipedia of Metal

April 21, 2020
From Musipedia of Metal
Published: April 20, 2020

Forlesen are a 3 piece based in the Bay Area. The band have been together since 2018, and can be seen as a super group; Ascalaphus (Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Harmonium) is also in Botanist, Nero Order and Lotus Thief, Bazaelith (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth) is also in Lotus Thief, Botanist and Palace Of Worms and Maleus (Drums) is also in Kayo Dot and Vesper Moth. Hierophant Violent is the first material the band have released. The ban...

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Review from Metal Pit

April 21, 2020
From: Metal Pit
Published: April 19, 2020

Dalla California, irrompe una novità decisamente intrigante nel panorama musicale: si chiamano Forlesen e sono una band di nuovissima formazione; la lineup è composta da Ascalaphus (voce e chitarra), Bezaelith (voce, chitarra e basso) e Maleus alla batteria, membri provenienti da diverse band, tra queste Lotus Thief, Botanist e Kayo Dot.
“Hierophant Violent”, album d’esordio, in uscita il 18 aprile sotto la Hypnotic Dirge Records, è ...

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 Released: April 18, 2020
Genre: Ambient / Doom / Black Metal


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