Review from Belgian Metal Shredder

April 24, 2019
From: Belgian Metal Shredder
Published: April 24, 2019 

Norilsk is a Canadian doom/death/post-metal band formed in 2012 and named after the city of Norilsk located in Siberia and known as the world’s northernmost city. A region that’s covered in snow and darkness for most of the year. “Weepers Of The Land” is Norilsk’s third album, released through Canadian record label Hypnotic Dirge Records who, in the past, also worked with our fellow Belgian doomers called Marche Funèbre. “Weepers Of The Land” functions as a conceptual sequel to their 2017 outing “Le Passage Des Glaciers” with this mini-album’s material written and recorded around the same time period as its predecessor. Big thanks to Asher Media Relations for sending us this sweet stuff.

The album begins with “No Sacred Ground,” a doom metal tune that starts up surprisingly fast paced (for this subgenre’s standards, that is) and with raw black metal vocals but after the 3-minute mark the song slows down to a typically doom metal rhythm and vocalist Nicolas going for the usual howls and growls with an occasional blackened shriek. An effective double-edged opener. Then comes “The Way,” in which the band goes for a truly dark and threatening tune that at times reminded me of Swallow The Sun, too bad the multiple monologue samples spoil the experience a bit. The third track on the album is one in French “Toute La Noirceur Du Monde,” (“All The Darkness Of The World”). It’s the album’s highlight song, not only thanks to the roaring bass lines and soaring guitar work but also because the song is entirely in French. And believe it or not, but the language of love works amazingly well with the growls, shrieks and overall dark atmosphere of this song. In fact, I would prefer Norilsk to just write all their songs in French, it’s super-effective!

And finally there’s the title track of “Weepers Of The Land,” a 10-minute tune that starts off with a gentle but slightly threatening bass that eventually transitions into slow doom and psychedelic melodies and chants. A nice song to relax to, but not really the band’s best effort. And if you get your hands on the physical CD version of this album, then you get a bonus track, a cover of the song “Tomber 7 Fois” by French pop rocker Mylène Farmer. Originally a slow and quite joyful song, but with Norilsk’s dreary style this tune gets a whole lot menacing.

If doom metal is your thing then Norilsk is a band certainly worth a try, they put forward competent and atmospheric tunes that feel like they’ve come straight from the illustrious city Norilsk is named after. So go and seek out the coldest and darkest room in your home and enjoy this short but sweet album. To “warm you up,” here’s the music video for the “Weepers Of The Land” title track.

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele

Review from Lords of Metal

March 16, 2019
From: Lords of Metal
Published: March 1, 2019

Iets meer dan een jaar nadat Weepers Of The Land uitgekomen is bereikt ie dan eindelijk de burelen van Lords Of Metal. Dit Canadese gezelschap brengt ons prima uitgevoerde doom welke elementen uit black metal, sludge, death metal en post metal. Prijsnummer is voor mij de titletrack Weepers Of The Land. Vreemde eend echter in de doombijt hier is toch wel de cover van singer/songwriter Mylene Farmers haar deuntje Tomber 7 Fois. Op een of ...

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Review from Stranger Aeons

March 5, 2019
From: Stranger Aeons
Published: February 25, 2019

Weepers of the Land’ is a weird album, in the sense that the band considers it a companion record to the 2017 ‘Le Passage des Glaciers’. It is the third full-length record for the Canadian band but could be called an EP perhaps due to its connective nature. But hey, we love the EP format anyways and all is well on this five track release.

Norilsk is named after a Siberian city, which might explain the fact that some songs on th...

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Review from Crossfire Metal

February 3, 2019
From: Crossfire Metal
Published: February 3, 2019

Obwohl Norilsk eine Stadt in Sibirien ist, kommt die gleichnamige Band aus Kanada. 2012 wurden sie erst ins Leben gerufen, dennoch haben sie schon eine EP und drei reguläre Alben draußen. Ihre Musik auf dieser Digipack-CD ist eine interessante Mischung aus Doom-, Black und Post-Metal. Es gibt tiefe, träge, Hippie-mäßige Riffs kombiniert mit kehligem Kreischgesang. Zwischendurch gibt es immer wieder gesprochene Samples, deren Ur...

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Review from Musika

January 30, 2019
From: Musika
Published: January 27, 2019

Norilsk is een Canadese death / doom band die is ontstaan in 2014. De band bracht in 2015 zijn debuut op de markt, waaruit al blijkt dat Norilsk zich niet in een hokje laat duwen. Binnen de death en doom invloeden, merkten we namelijk ook streepjes black metal tot zelfs post metal sausjes op. In 2017 zet de band dat nog wat meer in de verf met een zeer geslaagde opvolger ‘Le Passage De Glaciers’. Medio 2018 kwam eindelijk een opvolger op...

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Review from Rockerstage

January 17, 2019
From: Rockerstage
Published: January 15, 2019

Il duo Doom/Death canadese esce con Weepers of the Land in formato EP sulla stessa linea del precedente full-lenght. Le collaborazioni non sono mancate con la presenza di musicisti canadesi che hanno dato il loro apporto a questo lavoro di 5 tracce in cui troviamo la cover di Mylène Farmer, cantautrice canadese cantata in francese.
32 minuti per il loro terzo album in studio che come dichiara il cantante Nic Miquelon è il proseguo del ...

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Review from Wings of Death

January 9, 2019
From: Wings of Death
Published: January 8, 2019

Norilsk is de meest noordelijke stad in Siberië, en ligt daarmee in een van de koudste gebieden ter wereld. Norilsk is ook een Canadese metalband, waarover ik eerder al lovende woorden schreef. Hun donkere vorm van extreme metal, met invloeden van vooral doom en atmosferische black, wist me op voorgaande releases prima te boeien. Weepers of the Land is het laatst verschenen wapenfeit.

Meteen met opener No Sacred Ground horen we de muz...

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Review from TNT Radio Rock

January 5, 2019
From: TNT Radio Rock
Published: December 28, 2018

El grupo canadiense Norilsk presentó en Octubre un mini álbum de cinco temas del que os traemos un review. Concebido como una segunda parte de su anterior trabajo, “The passages des glaciers”, este álbum nos trae un doom metal abrasivo y visceral con temas como la tradición, la pérdida y el desplazamiento forzoso, haciendo hincapié en las personas que ya no están, en la ausencia.

La banda se presenta bajo el nombre de una ...

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Review from In my Eyes Zine

January 5, 2019
From: In Your Eyes Zine
Published: December 28, 2018

Norilsk è un città siberiana nota per le sue temperature inclementi, oltre al fatto d’essere stata fondata in luoghi particolarmente inospitali negli anni ’30 da Stalin per diventare uno dei famigerati Gulag.

La band che ha deciso di adottare questo monicker è invece canadese e giunge con Weepers Of The Land al suo terzo full length in pochi anni di attività.
Il duo del Québec si cimenta con un death doom dalle sfumature p...

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Review from Necromance

December 6, 2018
From: Necromance
Published: December 6, 2018

Desde el norte de Canadá, nos llega el nuevo álbum en formato Ep de los doomers NORILSK, “Weepers Of The Land”, editado por Hypnotic Dirge Records. Un trabajo frío y gélido, que continua o mejor dicho acompaña a su anterior álbum “Le Passages Des Glaciers”, de hecho fue escrito a la misma vez, donde han contado con numerosas colaboraciones de otros músicos canadienses e introducen una versión de MYLENE FARMER, previamente...

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 Released: October 12, 2018
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Genre: Blackened Doom/Death Metal