MUSIC VIDEO: stroszek - The beast who dreams of man

February 18, 2019
After a few years of silence, stroszek returns with a new song entitled "The beast who dreams of man" from the forthcoming album "about all the bad days in the world" scheduled for a late 2019 release. stroszek is a project bringing forth various elements of neo-folk, goth rock, trip-hop and western music blending together seemingly irreconcilable sounds to craft something that is all about feeling and introspection. Contemplation, melancholy, and stories about life are at the forefront of the vibe in stroszek's music. "about all the bad days in the world" is an evolution in the sound of stroszek, keeping the same vibe, but also throwing in some new elements which may surprise old listeners. 

strapped to this bed 
can’t move at all 
hear my last call 
I’ll sleep when I am dead 

all lined up outside my door 
an host of black dogs lying on the floor 
waiting for me to come out and play 
that’s what you get, no place to stay 

Written: Claudio Alcara 
Arranged: Chromo 
Choir: Chromo, Lady-B 

Produced by Chromo 
Recorded and Mixed at Kbeat Studio 

Actor: Lorenzo De Carlo 
Written: Luca Olivieri 
Directed: Sara Battolla

stroszek Interview with Son of Flies Magazine [February 6, 2014]

February 10, 2014
stroszek Interview with Son of Flies Wezbine
Published: February 6, 2014
Interview by: Christian Mountain
*Google translation of Italian review

stroszek, the project started in 2007 by Claudio Alcara (Founding Member of Italian black metal act 'Frostmoon Eclipse') gives more adventure. Stay in the music composer to prive the ropes in vibrant all its majesty. A musician to be considered for the great sensitivity and jurisdiction in respect of the art sound.

1. Hello Claudio. Thank you ...

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stroszek Interview with Against Magazine; Issue 4 [December 26, 2013]

December 31, 2013
stroszek Interview with Against Magazine
Published: December 26, 2013
Interview by: Joel Costa
Original Link [Pg. 40-41]

AGAINST: Congratulations on the release of “Wild years of remorse and failures”, which is a reissue of 24 featured in previous releases. What can you tell us about the title of this double album? Is there any deep meaning?
STROSZEK: thank you very much... about the title we could say that "remorse" is obviously a reference to our first album "songs of remorse", while "failur...

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stroszek - 'wild years of remorse and failures' available now!

December 12, 2013
stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures double-album out now!

The new compilation double-album from the dark folk/acoustic project stroszek aptly titled "wild years of remorse and failures" is now available to stream in its entirety for free, download for $5.00, and is also available as a double-CD release with an extensive 16 page booklet complete with all the lyrics and brand new artwork! Within this new release, you will find all 24 songs present in the "songs of remorse", "the wild h...

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PRE-ORDER: stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures 2CD

November 28, 2013
HDR - 034 : stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures 2CD
Available to pre-order
Release: December 7, 2013


The acclaimed early works of the folk/acoustic project stroszek have been sold out and unavailable for quite some time, but now in 2013 we are pleased to reintroduce these monumental albums in the form of a special double-album reissue which includes a complete remastering of all the tracks, as well as rerecorded vocals on the “songs of remorse” album. In tot...

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Song releases: "bury the bottle with me" and "the unlucky ones" [From the album: "wild years of remorse and failures"]

October 10, 2013
stroszek to re-release a compilation of first two albums and EP in December!
New Dick Curless cover "Bury the Bottle with Me"  and "the unlucky ones" available for streaming/download now.

The dark folk/acoustic project stroszek is preparing to re-release their first two full-lengths and EP in a new compilation double-album aptly titled "wild years of remorse and failures" which will feature all 24 songs present in the "songs of remorse", "the wild hunt" and "life failures made music" albums as ...

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Full stroszek discography uploaded to bandcamp!

October 25, 2012

 The full stroszek discography has been uploaded to their bandcamp page and is now available for free streaming!
As well as this, the three full-length albums are available to download for 4 euros each, and the two EP releases are available to download for free. All sales made from digital downloads on the stroszek bandcamp page goes directly to the band, so if you are looking for a way to support this project directly, you can do so by downloading the music directly from the official bandcamp...
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stroszek now has official website -

July 26, 2012
Finally, after being planned for a while, stroszek now has an official website which you can visit at:
All stroszek information will be posted there, and updated regularly! 



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stroszek interview w. Heathen Harvest Webzine (02/15/2012)

February 16, 2012
Claudio Alcara of Stroszek recently conducted an interview with Sage Weatherford from heathen Harvest, the long-running webzine in its new incarnation. Topics in the interview include the upcoming album 'Sound Graveyard Bound' which comes out on March 10th (pre-orders start this saturday), the history of Stroszek, the film barring the same name from which the band got its name, literary influences, and more. 

Original link:
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stroszek - can't make things undone - music video

February 13, 2012



 Canada’s Hypnotic Dirge Records have released a video for “can’t make things undone” a track from the upcoming STROSZEK’s album “Sound Graveyard Bound” which is scheduled for release on the 10th March. 

The nine-track “Sound Graveyard Bound” will be the third full-length album from STROSZEK, the project formed by Claudio Alcara of FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, one of Italy’s longest serving Italian Black Metal band...
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