Review from Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6

September 25, 2014
From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6
Published: November 2014

Massive release from the camp of “Hypnotic Dirge Records”. I was a little surprised, but it turned out that Stroszek is a calm acoustic solo project of Claudio Alcara, guitarist of Italian Black Metal band Frostmoon Eclipse. It seems like the heart and soul of an angry Black Metal-head shows itself from a completely different perspective.

Despite “Wild Years of Remorse and Failures” being a compilation album, I now hear this project for the first time, so I’d like to mention that there are a few sold-out albums, one mini-CD and a few new tracks included here. To those who, like me, hear Stroszek for the first time, in short: these are acoustic compositions interweaving Darkwave, Neo-Folk and Acoustic Rock genres. Though the acoustic instruments are dominant, sometimes fused guitars are also heard. In general, to me it sounds like a mix between Anathema, Of the Wand and the Moon, early Flowing Tears and Withered Flowers and Empyrium. There’s no Metal in the music, but general atmosphere, the Neo-Folk foundation certainly bears resemblance to these bands. The whispering vocals remind me of the magic of Empyrium. However, while I can compare it to many bands I like, of all 26 songs on this CD I found only two that leave some impression and that I remember after listening. Yes, the discs (it’s a double CD release) are pleasant to listen to, but they lack some amazing impressions. Calm, slow songs, built on acoustic guitar, wouldn’t be fit to sing by a campfire or with friends. However, on a calm and quiet evening while enjoying solitude they would probably make quite good company.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Odium

Review from Necromance Webzine

July 6, 2014
From: Necromance Webzine
Published: July 4, 2014
*Google translation of Spanish review

"Wild years of remorse and failures" is the latest work of Italian threesome Stroszek, who wanted to get back to light previous work and gathered in this edition (with a new mastering) the following material: The Album "songs of remorse "and" life failures made ​​music ", the EP" the wild hunt "and two versions. In total 26 subjects in which the band explores the grounds of the most atmospheri...

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Review from Pest Webzine

June 14, 2014
From: Pest Webzine
Published: June 1, 2014

Well, Gothic Metal is a bit too much of a label for Stroszek's music, but parts of it are hinting towards a really melodic Gothic Metal with Alternative and even Country influences. This is a huge release, a double CD release featuring 2 albums, both played on the same direction, using mostly guitars and vocals, with episodic insertions of drums and bass. Stroszek is the one-man project of Claudio Alcara from Frostmoon Eclipse, but this is...

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Review from Aristocrazia Webzine

May 6, 2014
From: Aristocrazia Webzine
Published: May 5, 2014
*Google translation of Italian review

The recovered memory: the Stroszek look back, preparing for some kind of future. Two years ago, the reality of the inspiration of Claudius Arcara daughter had been a welcome discovery with the release of "Sound Graveyard Bound" and which subsequently had in-depth knowledge with "A Back In The Day" . Today, however, I find myself in his hands a double cd collection published by the Canadian Hypnot...

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Review from Metal Wave Webzine

February 28, 2014
From: Metal Wave Webzine
Published: February 25, 2014
*Google translation of Italian review

Second release of the first two albums EP's solo project of Claudio Alcara guitarist Frostmoon Eclipse, Wild Years of Remorse and Failures summarizes the acoustic and dark approach that is the mentality. Much more oriented towards the side towards which the acoustic black metal, though with intervals of rock heaviness variable, there is a prevalence for dark atmosphere, enhanced by a very dim...

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Review from Legacy Magazine; Issue #89

February 28, 2014
From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #89
Published: February 2014
*Google translation of German review

Claudio Alcara's Stroszek are the second pillar of the Italian creative. With Frost Moon Eclipse, he had already made a name in black metal, when he started this side project in 2007. "Wild Years Of Remorse Failures" is a retrospective of the past six years on a double CD. This is what the 2007 debut works are "Songs Of Remorse" and was published in 2009, second album "Life Failures Mad...

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Review from Rock Metal Essence Webzine

February 23, 2014
From: Rock Metal Essence Webzine
Published: February 20, 2014
*Google translation of Italian review

The acclaimed early work of the project folk / acoustic dark rock Stroszek were republished in December 2013 by the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records in the form of a double CD collection, by way of Wild Years of Remorse and Failures . 

Boasting a complete remastering and a re-recording of the vocals of the album Songs of Remorse , the compilation also includes the hard Life Failur...

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Review from Alarm 666 Webzine

February 19, 2014
From: Alarm 666 Webzine
Published: February 18, 2014
*Google translation of Danish review

"Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" is something of a case to get through. It is a remake of the Italian band Stroszek's two albums "Songs of Remorse" and "Life Failures Made Music" and the EP "The Wild Hunt" and two brand new cover songs. The two albums have apparently been hard to come by in a while, so now you have the chance again.

I personally knew nothing of Stroszek before I received dou...

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Review from Sic Maggot Webzine

February 16, 2014
From: Sic Maggot Webzine
Published: February 14, 2014
*Google translation of Czech review

Perhaps it is difficult to review the project as Stroszek begin otherwise than by talking about what this band actually was and where it came from. The group is responsible for a certain Claudio Alcara , which should be known to readers of the metal sites especially about as a founding guitarist of Italian black metallers Frostmoon Eclipse , who would be given the time of exposure on the stage ...

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Review from ZWare Metalen

February 13, 2014
From: ZWare Metalen
Published: February 7, 2014
*Google translation of Dutch review

The Italian behind Stroszek , Claudio , does not like capital letters . Everything in the small so . For years, he makes acoustic guitar music with a metal bar where he considers it necessary. Hypnotic Dirge felt the time had come to join his material and bring a reprise of the vocals of Claudio . Out as a double CD Why not .

Why not ? Well, because very few people here are waiting . Hours at a time t...

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